Thursday, 31 December 2015

New Beginnings and Adventures - Cheers to 2016

The ending of 1 year and the begnning of another is always an exciting time for me. One of the things that I like doing is taking stock of the good things which happened and plan and pray about the things which I intend to achieve in the following year. 2015 was a good year and God blessed me abundantly. So many amazing things happenned so there is much to celebrate and be thankful for. Some of the things which came to pass where things on my life's to do list:
  1.  We were blessed with the cutest nephew - the 1st grandchild for my parents.
  2. I was blessed with a new job. I have been praying for a specific kind of job and this year it finially came. 
  3. In May a friend treated me to a pampering at a massage parlour. Yes I had never gone to a parlour for a massage and it was on my life's to do list.
  4. I finially got my driver's licence in September. This was something on my life's to do list which I have been itching to tick off. 
  5. Visiting America has been one of the things which has been on my life's to do list. End of October I went to Washington DC.
  6. This one is a two in one happening. In December (a few weeks ago) I went to Joburg threatre and watched Sleeping Beauty. So I watched a play, Broadway like show and it also had ballet so in a way it was a ballet play (life's to do list).
  7. In December I became a partner to a certain marriage focused ministry. I watch their programme and I made it a goal to become a partner so as to help save and build marriages all over the world (another thing from my life's to do list).
  8. I travelled to 2 other countries I had never been to before- Ghana and Kenya.
2016 I am looking forward to you and all that you have to bring my way. 

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