Friday, 18 December 2015

Sleeping Beauty - A Theatre Story

I have always wanted to go and watch a Broadway like show but for one reason or another the right moment never seemed to come my way. I decided to make the right moment because I realized if I didn't make the effort it wouldn't be happening any time soon.
I chose to go last Friday (11 December)after work to Joburg Theater to watch Sleeping Beauty - this is going to be my first of many visits to the theater I must say. The show was absolutely brilliant. It was entertaining, well put together, humorous, quirky and they even told jokes about President Zuma struggling to read numbers and songs like Hello by Adele, Haven't met you yet by Michael Buble and You cant hurry love by Phil Collins were sang. Ok, time to share a few pictures:

The Fairy Tale Begins
The king Sleeping Beauty's father making a narration
Guess what? There was a minion in the play. And two nice who were brilliant and danced so well. Here they had the audience up on their feet to do what was called the Panto Nae Nae dance. Yes, I joined in the fun.
Really loved these two mice. Were one of my favorite characters.
Look at that -the two love birds before they met when he kissed her into life. At this state he was a figure of her imagination - the 'man of her dreams'. I am a sucker for romance.
Right after the prince had kissed her back to life after sleeping for 100 years
There was lots of danceing of course. This was at the wedding of the prince and princess.
More dancing and celebrating at the wedding.
This was right at the end of the show. That is the evil fairy who places a curse on the princess.
 It was a beautiful experience, enchanting and fun. I had good night out.

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