Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Hair, Babes and All Things Nice

Form the title of the post I am sure you have guessed that this post is going to be about a lot of things. I just thought 1 encompassing post was in order as it would tie everything together. Last week Wednesday I travelled to see my nephew Baby AA (finally). I was giddy with excitement and the plane wasn't going fast enough.
Before I left I agonized over my hair - what was I going to do with it. Since the big chop I have been rocking my afro - combing and trying as much as possible to be creative with my much much shorter afro. I finially decided to have a weave on so that I wouldn't have to stress about combing and styling. I gave my hairdresser Emma free reign over what she could put on my head and this is what she came up with:

Love this hair style and the way it is funky and full.
Side view. It is so bouncy and the colour ...mwah!.
In the plane on my way to see my nephew. Flying terrifies me but I always opt for the window seat because I would rather see whats out there than not see anything at all.
Just after landing. A relieved me just had to take a picture to celebrate a safe landing.
Introducing the sleeping baby AA. This little man can sure sleep. It expalins why he is growing up so fast.
Here we are again ...sleeping.
Yep, he smiles a lot when he is sleeping. I bet he dreams of angels.
Love his smiles.
Time for a bath. The little man love love loves his baths. No crying just ooows and aaaah and calmness.
Oh no, bath time over already?
This is what happens when you have a photo crazy aunty. Even when all you want to do is sleep she is kissing you or making you pose for pictures.
Mummy can you see what aunty is doing? I am not sure if I like it.We have taken so many pictures already.
Yes, of course a selfie with a sleeping baby AA.
My visit went by so fast. One minute I was arriving and the next I was already leaving. I am glad I got the opportunity to see my nephew as a baby baby. I couldn't bear to think of seeing him when he was already crawling or walking. See you soon my lovely.

Monday, 16 March 2015

On My Mind

Random things on my mind lately:
  1. Baby A - my nephew. I will be seeing him in less than 2 weeks. The count down has already begun. Baby, Aunty is on the way to see you.
  2.  Pumps - I could do with some new pumps. I have been meaning to buy a new pair for quite awhile now. 
  3. My husband (future) - sometimes I think about him and what he looks like.
  4. The research paper I have to assess, over a hundred pages of it. 
  5. The caramel coated ice cream from Steers. I am super crazy about that ice cream.
  6. Living in a small town. Living in a big city is driving me crazy. 
  7. The library - I thought I had some books which were due. Apparently they are only due next week.
  8. A new job, oooh if only I could get a new better job -one more in line with my dream job.
  9. Baby A again - he is so cute. Just thinking of him brings a smile to my face. Love the little man.
  10. Sleep, I feel very sleepy. I couldn't sleep last night, insomia got me. I had about 3 hours of sleep.
  11. My hair. I need to decide what I will do with it since I will be travelling in a week or so and I don't the hassle of having to comb and maintain it when on the road.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Picnicking At An Island

When I arrived in Sweden it was towards the end of summer. It was still warm but for some of us who are used to warm weather we couldn't do without at least a cardigan. About 3 weeks in someone arranged for all of us (us being me and my classmates) to go to one of the local Islands for a picnic. I do not remember the name of the Island but I remember we had a wonderful time. It was also my first time going out to sea on a boat - exciting times.

This is the boat that took us to the Island. I was initially nervous but I discovered it was actually fun watching the waves and looking out at the sea.
Come on in - its time to board and start off.
Off and away we go.
The Swedish Flag being blown by the fresh sea air.
Ahoy!Another boat going in the opposite direction.
View from the Boat.

Approaching land. .
I miss Sweden. Pictures like this remind me why I love it so much.
Isn't this a cute house?
Perfect spot for a picnic.
Come on guys let us check out this place.
Finally some food. Look at how everyone is focused. Eating is serious business neh?

Monday, 2 March 2015

The Chop

Picture from here

I cut trimmed my hair on Saturday, it was was something I have been thinking about a lot and aaaah ...I finally did it. It feels so good. My hair was really not doing anything for me and I felt that I needed a change. I did not cut it all the way down but I surely cannot tie a pony tail anymore that's for sure.

As I was thinking about my hair I was reminded that even in life there are things that need to be cut off or trimmed especially if they are not doing anything for us or are pulling us down. I have been taking stock of my life - cutting and trimming and trying to leave only what matters the most. It is not easy but I am trying. Perharps my hair was caught in the cross fire of it all but I am glad to say it somehow made me feel better. Here is to something new for my hair. Cheers

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