Monday, 27 September 2010

The 'Joys' Of Singlehood

My post today is inspired by a statement that one of my friends put up on their face book profile recently. I have to admit, I have a  love and hate relationship with face book but for some reason I cannot seem to stay away from it. Anyway, this is what my friend posted, "Is it really that wrong and awkward to be still single at this age? Most of my peers are still single so whats the big deal then.....I'm gonna smack the next person who brings up this issue....let the man be PLEASE!"

'I am with you bro, I am with you' was what I immediately thought. The pressure... I know it, have experienced it and sometimes is too much and can be annoying. When people especially loved ones begin to think that its about time you graduated from single-hood into marriage they say and do all sort of things to get their points across. For instance:
1. Friends begin to give your number to people they think would be well suited with you in the hope that they could be the 'one for you'.
2. Aunties and Uncles begin to talk to you about how your parents are just about the only ones in the immediate family who do not yet have grand children.
3. People begin to tell you that you are such a wonderful person and that it is amazing that someone has not yet 'snatched' you and they hint heavily that could it be that the problem is with you, that is, maybe you are playing too hard to get.
4. Friends openly accuse you of being too picky and that if you continued like that you would never get married.
5. Friends and family will as close as interrogate you when you mention a friend of the opposite sex. They suspect that there could be more to the relationship that you are telling.
6. People will begin to make statements like 'What? Being a bride's maid again?'
7. Telling people that you are waiting on God and His perfect timing stops making sense to them and they tell you to be realistic. Really? What could be more realistic than trusting the God of all flesh who knows the hearts of man and knows what is best for me and when?

Anybody, at this place or maybe it's just me and my friend? Just wondering.

Monday, 20 September 2010

The Story of Two Friends

Two friends were chatting one day when one of them suddenly says:
Friend 1: Oh, I got an idea.
Friend 2: Really? What?
Friend 1: Let's do this and that on facebook.
Friend 2: Uuuhmmm,I am not sure that's a good idea.
Friend 1: It's just to see what an experiment. 
Friend 2: Ok then. How do we go about it?
Friend 1: We will have to do it on your facebook though. You know we can't do it on mine. I can't change what I have there so it  has to be on yours.
At this point friend 2 is shocked but then pauses and thinks about it for awhile. Curiosity of finding out people's reactions prevails and besides, friend 2 argues to them self, it's not anything negative or that could paint a bad picture of me.
Friend 2: Oh, well why not? Let's do it, maybe no one will even notice or comment.

Within minutes messages from facebook, texts and phone calls are pouring in for Friend 2. After 3 hours Friend 2 decides to remove the post from facebook before many other people see it and drive her crazy with their questions and comments. 
Conclusion : Never do it! Never share very personal stuff of facebook.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story

Image from here

Anyone watched this movie? If so what did you think?

I find it hard to find good movies these days. Movies with real substance and that inspire me. A lot of the movies nowadays are about stunts and effects and honestly, although it is all impressive I am not a great fan. Such movies rarely have an impact on me, ask me a couple of days after watching, most of the times I can hardly remember what the movie was all about. I have to admit though, I have a great loveeeee for what some call the cheesy movies, I love to laugh and happy endings:)

I was very touched and inspired by the Ben Carson story. What a wonderful mother he had. She was a woman who encouraged her children and wanted so much for them. She emphasized to them all the time from the time they were young that they could be anything they wanted to be. Even when he was a grown up man Ben often found himself remembering the encouraging words of his mother and being re- inspired by them all over again. There is a lesson right there for all parents and future parents we can build our children, encourage them, show and let them know that we believe in them - it makes a huge difference. God help me - I want to be such a mother to my children and so much more.

Other movies I have watched based on true stories that inspire me include Miss Potter and of course the Blindside. Any suggestions anyone????

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