Monday, 30 August 2010

Me and the Violin

I am crazy crazy crazy about this song especially the instrumental at the beginning and end. I think Chris Tomlin and his team did an excellent job.
This song is special to me because it reminds me of one of the things on my dream list I have to do. I want to learn to play an instrument and play in an orchestra. It's official my favorite instrument is the violin - here is to living my dream in the near future.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Confessions of a Somebody

From the title of my blog post I am sure you  can tell that I am going to make a confession of some sort. Well here goes.
For a long time I never understood those people who dance (whether or not they are the only ones doing so in the congregation) and go as far as to to cry in church especially during praise and worship. Talk about those people who shout out whether in agreement or because they are touched  by something - I found it embarrassing and at times even thought they were showing off. I would always say to myself  that I would never be caught doing such, why embarrass myself I would argue.

I have a friend who was like that, my word he was on fire. He was not apologetic when it came to the things of God. I am not sure if I told him at some point but I thought he was over doing it and I tended to be a bit embarrassed when he started doing his thing. I just didn't understand, I had no idea, I never knew it was possible to love so deep, to give one self in reckless abandon to God and not care what other people think.

Fast forward to the present day I have realized that I am becoming that person. Lately I have found my self in  another world during praise and worship oblivious of everyone and everything around  me, dancing, singing my heart out and lifting my hands in praise to my Father. Unbelievably, at times I am one of those two or three people doing that and I do not even feel embarrassed (even though I have occasionally seen questioning glances my way), I just respond to what I feel. If I feel like dancing for my God then I do it, sometimes I am so awed by His greatness and goodness such that I can not help but sing my heart out for Him or shout. Yes, it looks like I am becoming one of those people. Believe me even I am surprised I have become that person but oooooh I love my Father very much. 

Heya the love I am feeling for God these days is like a fire in my heart. Oh, now I understand my friend and all those people I thought were overdoing it and I think I can even understand it where the Bible says that David danced before the Lord such that his wife was embarrassed and rebuked him (2 Samuel 6:16-23).When you know what you know or have seen what you have seen nothing can hold you back from giving  all of you in reckless abandon to God. Now I know better than to say I will never do that.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Is it Practical? (Follow up post)

Do you remember this post? I was talking about principled dating (courtship) and if it is practical or at least possible in this day and age. Well, I took the advise of my blog friend LDP and I read the book When God Writes Your Love Story by Eric and Leslie Ludy. This is what happened...

One day I was chatting to a certain lady who like me loves to read. I happened to mention to her that I was looking forward to reading the above mentioned book, if only I could get my hands on  it. She said it sounded like an interesting book and she would ask around among her single friends if anyone had a copy. Fast forward about 2 weeks later the lady surprises me with a copy of the book and it had a CD too, of one of Eric's and Leslie's songs called Faithfully - great song and beautiful lyrics. 
'I wanted to surprise you ', the lady told me 'I knew if I told you I wanted to buy the book for you you would not agree and I wanted so much to bless you with something'. What can I say, this is just but one of the pleasant surprises which God has been throwing my way lately. Isn't God good at doing things that make one go aawwwww and want to cry with joy?
I quickly dived into the book and I was not disappointed at all. The book is an enfolding story of how two people made life changing decisions to give God unlimited access to all aspects of their lives including their love lives. As Eric puts it, it was 'him moving out and God moving in' taking full control of his entire ship (his life). There are many lessons to be learned in this book and one thing I liked about it is that it is real. Both Eric and Leslie tell of the challenges they faced, how at times they broke down and what they did to keep going and waiting on God. 
Do you know that you can start being faithful to your future spouse long before you meet them? Or that we can use our families as our practice fields for our future marriages? I will not go into detail about the book but I would encourage all those singles who desire to have God write their love stories read the book. It is very inspiring. 

At the end of the day the 'sweeter song' of true love and romance is sung on a ship that is headed against the tide (borrowing some lines from the book). It is not easy to play by a different set of dating rules that include having God as the captain but it is possible and the best route to take, as far as I am concerned  - well speaking for myself that is. I totally agree with Eric and Leslie, 'our generation needs ordinary people who choose to love God in extra-ordinary ways and lovers who will ask "what would Jesus do?" and then really do it'. God bless our generation!!!!!

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Letter to Shona

Dear Shona,

I know that I have told you many times in my Word that I love you but I want to emphasize it yet again here. I love you so much that I did not even spare my own Son, the one who is a part of me so be assured that I will not with hold good things from you (Romans 8: 32). Never doubt my love for you Shona because it is alive and my promises that I have made in my Word be assured that I will carry them out (Numbers 23:19). Keep trusting me knowing that I am your refuge and fortress, and that my faithfulness to you is a shield and a buckler (Psalm 91:2,4).

I know that of late you have been going through a challenging season. I have seen you falling but I  have been right there by your side picking you up and helping you to stand again. I have seen your broken heart but remember that I am close to you because in my Word I say that I am close to the brokenhearted and the crushed in spirit (Psalm 34:18). It might seem like you are stuck in one place and I am not responding to your calls but I am. That very first time you called out to me I heard you and I answered you  (Isaiah 67:24). I have sent forth my angels whom I have commanded to guard you in all your ways and in due time (Psalm 91:11), at the right time what you have asked for will come to be. I see how you do not give up and keep holding on to me, trusting me, you shall not be put to shame my daughter but you shall speak of your testimonies before kings (Psalm 119:46). I am a faithful and loving Father, blessed are those whose trust is in me for they shall not cease to bear fruit (Jeremiah 17:7-8). When dry seasons come in their lives they are not anxious for they know I am with them and that those seasons are stepping stones to their promotions and are refining times from which they emerge better people and spiritually mature.

Have you been getting my messages? I hope so. I always send blessings your way everyday. I know that sometimes you expect big things but remember my blessings come in all packages - big and small. Remember that toddler who you met the other day, the one who kept smiling, waving and blowing kisses your way? What about that other toddler who told you that your hair looks nice and engaged you in a conversation about milkshakes and Ben 10 (smile)? That was me. I like using children as my messengers, they trust me unconditionally and obey me without resistance or questioning me or my being. That is why I have said of them - my kingdom belongs to them (Luke 18:16). What about the woman who blessed you with money to go for that conference that you told me you wanted to go to but couldn't afford at the moment? I will keep sending you my blessings every single day so be on the look out. The depth of my love for you is much deeper than you think and never doubt that I love you and that I am always with you.

I love it when you talk to me. Talk to me anywhere. When you are waiting for the bus, doing your shopping, taking a shower in fact anytime is good for me. Talk to me especially when you are feeling low and do not feel like talking to me - even then I will hear you and I will respond. Looking forward to talking to you already.

Lots of Love

Your Father (The great I AM).

P.S Remember to bless others as you go about your business everyday for you are my shinning glory and my love shines out to others through you.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The Secret of the Box (Not so secret anymore)

The above pictured box is a very special box for me (I could not resist including the flowers too). I call it God's box.

I do not remember were I originally got the idea from, but some months ago I decided to have a box where I would throw in things I wanted to pray for  - big and small, the idea being that once a request was in the box I would have to stop worrying about it because it would now be in God's hands and no longer on my 'worry list'. Unfortunately :( I have always been one of those people who think a lot, I mean really think and worry but as you all know worrying does not solve anything at the end of the day. Why not trust the Creator of all things Himself, the all knowing God, the One who can do something to change the situation and enjoy a worry free life instead.

Although I have not had this box for long, I am seeing progress. When ever I see the box it is a remainder that God is in control. Often I open it up and go through the pieces of paper in there, and I feel reassured. There have been times I have been tempted to snatch back some of the things I have put into God's box so that I can do something about them because I feel God is not acting fast enough but I am learning to trust Him and be patient. I don't know if it's just me but I love being in control or at least feeling that I am in control but hey I am learning and discovering that it way way better to have God in control and in the driving seat, one cannot go wrong that way.
So if someone asks me to pray for them, I add their request into the box. I feel that someone needs prayer I add their name into the box and the area I feel that they need prayer. It gives me great joy many a time to just look at the box and say, 'God, thank you for taking over. I am now live in Your rest'.

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