Saturday, 30 April 2011

What Love Really Means

I am crazy about this song (by JJ Heller) and so just had to share it with you guys. Look out for the part when JJ and her husband are facing each other looking into each others eyes. Beautiful!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Passion

This is my favorite spot in the park where I usually take my walks to. Usually I take my Bible and sit on that bench and spend some time with God. The mornings are usually the best times cause it is quieter.

A good friend of mine is getting married in a week or so. The wedding is going to be in her home country South Africa and so I took the opportunity to give her her wedding gift when we met up for lunch. 

I went to  Body Shop party. It was my first time to go to one of such  parties. Body Shop products were being advertised and those who bought stuff worth a certain price on that night go a special offer. I got a free facial yay!

The Passion play was acted in the town center on Good Friday and I thought it was well acted despite the fact that they used two places as stages and people had to move between them several times. One of my friends was one of the thieves who was crucified with Jesus.  This year the weather was perfect cause last year it was pouring and I left early.

Don't we all need to get away from this busy life sometime. For me the cure of nature works always. A few hours of sitting in a nice quiet place surrounded by nature does wonders for me. Sorry the picture didn't come out too well and not to mention the marks covering some of the words.

Hoooray! Jesus rose on this day and today He is alive and seated with God. Because of Him I am free and live in victory. This question asked by my pastor got me thinking. How am I responding to what Jesus did for me. Am I living the life that Jesus meant me to live when He surrendered His life for me on the cross?

I confess I love junk food - not always but sometimes. On this particular day I was craving  this chicken from a place called ... aaah the name has escaped me, so much that just the thought of it had me salivating. I could not say no to myself.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Plastic hearts, Sleepovers and Cucumbers

Long post alert! This is going to be a long picture studded post. Since I am very much behind with my Pearly Delights posts, I am posting pictures covering a period of two weeks.

This view often catches my eye when I am at work.I just love watching people getting by doing their business. Sometimes I watch the traffic on the round about in the background. On a busy day, I hardly get the time to just stare and dream but when I do, I make the best of it.

I have always been fascinated by butterflies. How they are transformed from being an ordinary looking caterpillar to being to this amazingly beautiful creature, one of God's amazing creations. I loved how the author of this quote summarized her view of a butterfly.

I went to watch a play of the The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. It was brilliant. The acting from the children was impressive and I could not help but notice the proud faces of parents. The set up was amazing and I wanted to take some pictures but that was not allowed so I had to make do with taking a picture of the programme.

I am making a bit of progress on those cooking skills. Look at that, I even managed to throw in some veggies. I am so bad at eating vegetables, I just do not like most of them but I love fruits, at least.

No, that heart there is not my handiwork. After going for a mini shopping I found that nicely cut heart in one of my shopping bags. Maybe one of the shop assistants got bored and cut out some hearts from one of the bags and one of the hearts ended up in the bag with my shopping. Whatever could have happened I choose to believe this was message to me from God reminding me that He loves me.

What more can I say. I felt like this was a reinforcement of the message I got from the plstic heart the previous day. Oh how He loves us!

What a laugh I had when I saw this poster. The person who made this poster sure has an imagination. I guess some people do need to be reminded to be responsible citizens otherwise they simply won't bother.

Someone is artistic in the house I live. We have a big board in the kitchen were we can write important messages for everyone's attention. Someone put up this, nice!

A sleep over! I love sleep overs. Good friends of mine invited me to sleep over at their house on the eve of my birthday. They said it wouldn't do for me to wake up alone on my birthday without anyone there to say happy birthday first thing in the morning. Aaawwwwww.

The big day and here is the cake. It was a delicious cake baked by my friend Ruth. I am grateful to all my friends who took time out to make the day extra special.

Some of the presents from my birthday. Those chocolates uuuhmmm yummmy thanks Lizzie, I will think about dieting and stuff like that later.

I got this funny birthday card from my friend Cherie. It made me laugh. I wonder if this is what I will be saying when I am way way older. I am going to be 28 -ish for as long as I say so ha!

This picture was taken in one of the Prets in London (yeah went over to London for a visit),  which one of my favorite cafes. One of my closest friends works there and I was waiting for her to finish work. Have you ever tasted their sandwiches my my they are some of the best on the market.

On the train on my way home from London. I woke up so early so that I could be at work on time. You should have seen my puffy eyes, it would have been a good time to find out if cucumbers work for puffy eyes :)

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Thoughts On Being Older

This post is long overdue. I am sorry that I failed to keep my promise to put up this post over the weekend. Something came up and I could not find the time to do it. Anyway here goes. First some pictures.

My birthday cake baked by my friend Ruth. It was delicious. Look at that, 11 candles means that I turned 11. How about that :)

Blowing out the candles for the second time because the 1st time we where out side and we failed to light them up since the wind kept blowing them out.

For sometime now I have been struggling with the idea that I am almost leaving my 20s behind and am on the verge of opening the door to my 30s. Honestly I am not yet ready for my 30s, so I think anyway. I always thought that by this time I would be living some of my dreams or at least well on the way of doing so but this is not so in some aspects.
Months ago I remember reading an article on Boundless magazine which had an impact on me. Unfortunately I have forgotten who the author was but I will always remember what she wrote. The author of the article was talking about the things that she had hoped to be but will now never be and she shared how she was learning to let go of those dreams and instead focus on embracing the things she could/will be.
At this point in my life I am realizing that there are things that I will never be or can never have or do because the time for that is past but there are things that I can still be, do and have.

The things I wanted to be by this time
1. I always wanted to meet the man who would be my husband and get married to him very young, like say before I was 25. I hoped that we would spend a couple of years just me and him  getting to know each other, traveling and establishing ourselves before we had children. But here I am still yet to meet my husband to be.
2. I wanted to have my 1st child before but I was 30. From the look of things that will not be case. That is one dream I have to let go of.
3.I always thought that by now I would well on my way of establishing my career in my preferred field, again this is yet to come to pass.

For a while I felt miserable about these things that could have been, but then after a while realised  it was not the end of the world but was only the beginning of something different. I can make my 30s my 20s :) I am still going to marry the man of my dreams and have my children even though it is going to be later than I anticipated. All things will still work together for my good. God just has a different plan for my life than I thought. 
On the plus side I have had the opportunity to enjoy part of my 20s as a single woman, independent and without much responsibility. My 20s has been a time when I have matured  as a person and  my relationship with God has metamorphosed. God has been molding me over the years into the person He wants me to be and intended me to be.

Here is to all that I desired to be but never was and cannot be and all that is to be and could be. My God is still good.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday 14 April, was my birthday and I had a fabulous time. Did I ever mention that I have the most amazing friends? Well, if I haven't mentioned it before I am doing so now, I have amazingly wonderful friends. A couple of friends went all out to prepare a picnic for me at a place called The Vyne which is one of England's historical houses. In the evening we then had a ladies night were we watched a girly movie, with lots of pop corn at hand of course.
The facebook messages, the texts and phone calls made the day even more special.
I will be posting a special birthday post hopefully tomorrow so be on the look out for that.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

I love you April!

April has got to be one of my favorite months of the year. Usually there is Easter to look forward to, there is my birthday, one of my best friend's birthdays (actually a day after mine) and the birthday of my country, to name a few things I look forward to. What a month!
The weather has been warming up tremendously and  talk about the burst of colors everywhere - its gorgeous.


I am now seem to be making it a habit of collecting these beautiful sayings. Here is another one that I love. Sometimes, I think we do indeed take a lot of things for granted.

This is one of the results of having a 5 year old style your braids. I like to think of this as a funky hair style. Check out those tiny feet - ha I wouldn't let that one touch my braids unless I wanted them pulled and plucked out.

In one of my previous posts I had a photo of a hanging that said Keep Calm and Carry On  but when I saw this one I was like 'Now that's the one'. I love this one better. Go ladies! Don't we just love shopping.

Made me miss my mum. There were a lot of Mother's Day special offers everywhere. Mothers are special and I believe are one of the greatest gifts God has given us.

My,my! Was I glad to be home after a long day. I am the kind of person who enjoys and loves her space. I usually look forward to going home and taking time out just to relax and be me.

I hate goodbyes.Two of my house mates moved out. Although I cannot say that we were the best of friends it was sad to see them go and a part of me misses them.

This is a picture that hangs in my friends house. What is special about it is that the person in the picture looks like her. She maintains that she is not the lady in the picture but I have my suspicions  ha ha ha, the similarities are just too striking.

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