Monday, 25 July 2016

My One Thing

A few days ago I had a conversation with my friend Fay about singlehood and she was encouraging me not to lose hope. She gave me the scripture of Luke 18: 1-8 where Jesus told the parable about the persistent widow. I have always loved that parable and on many occasions that particular scripture has kept me going and I must admit pesistance in prayer has paid off. However, when it comes to being single and struggling with it I have found it hard to be consistently relentless. There are times when I feel hopeless and discouraged and I feel as if God is simply not hearing me and that I might as well accept that I am going to be single for life. Friends like Fay are a blessing because they remind me that giving up is not an option and that there is always hope.

Anyway, as with most single ladies I have a list of things that I would love to have in a husband. I know that people have different views on this and my view is that there is nothing wrong with having a list. Well, I am a dreamer and believe that anything is possible so I am not afarid to dream big and act outside the box. Having said that if some one where to ask me if I had to chose just 1 quality in my future spouse what would it be. The answer would be that I want my future spouse to be able to love me the way God does. I mean I have experienced the highest kind of love there is and I don't want to experience any less. Plus if he loves me the way God loves me then all other things like faithfulness, kindness, forgiving etc will be part of the package. Just my thoughts! That would be my one thing from my 'crazy' list (smiley face).

Monday, 18 July 2016

The First Time I ‘Met’ Kari

It was 2011, together with a couple of friends we decided to drive over to Watford where the Soul Survivor Festival was happening. The couple of hours we spent there were amazing and how I wished I had signed up for the whole conference and not just a day. Just before we left we stopped by the stalls, we wanted to buy a CD/s to listen to on the way home. There were so many to choose from and so many names I had never heard, it was hard to made a decision. Then my friend Cherie grabs this CD with this beautiful woman on the cover, takes a look at the song list and says, ‘Let’s take this one. I know the Revelation Song so she must be good.’ So we got the CD and what a good choice it was. We listened to the CD during the 2 hr drive from Watford to Andover, repeating our favorites several times. I fell in love with songs like, ‘Healer’, ‘My Beloved’, Sweep Me Away’, ‘No Sweeter Name’, Everyone Needs a Little’, ‘You are for Me’ – hey wait a minute – am I just about to list every song from the album? Since then I have been a fan of Kari Jobe and her music. She has a beautiful voice and sings from the soul. Her music leaves me with no doubt how much she loves Jesus.

The other day I saw the interview she and husband gave and one of the stories she told touched me and reminded me about God’s faithfulness even regarding the seemingly small things. Yes, indeed God is always listening and even when we have forgotten He doesn’t. So Kari shares the story of green eyes and how she always said she wanted to marry a man with green eyes. However, when she first got to know her husband, then just a friend, he had brown eyes. Let me not spoil the story – so I guess you have to listen and watch the clip to know what happened. But all I can say is that – her husband now has green eyes.

Gotta love how God works. 

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

My All Time Idée Fixe

I have been feeling rather lazy of late. Posting on this blog has been on my to do list  for a while now but it has taken me this long to finally post.
Last month I took a trip home to see my family. I wasn't able to go in December and so I wanted to make up for lost time and also see my nephew who I saw when he was just a baby. I was beyond excited and the days wouldn't move fast enough. Finally the day arrived and I was off. Here are a few pictures from my trip. My nephew has grown up I tell. These kids seem to grow over night and I am sure the next time I see him he will be a whole lot different.
Just after take off. I was able to take this picture as we flew over Joburg. I like taking pictures from the air. Its a different view up there altogether.
I love this picture. Can you that meandering pattern. It must be a dry river or something. Unfortunately, we are experiencing a drought in Southern Africa and hence our rivers are running dry.
Just after landing (whew!). That is the national airline which hasn't been doing so well for a while now.
Aaah there he is. My sister and nephew arrived the next day and we went to the airport to pick them up. This picture was taken just after they had come out of arrivals. He wasn't letting anybody take him from his mama :(
One of my friends has an office which has a great view of Harare. This is what she seeing everyday. Not bad neh?
There he is - my forever idee fix. He was just a tiny baby just yesterday. Not anymore. He is now a hyper and very busy toddler.  Kept all of us on our feet the whole time.
Look at that smile. Priceless.
 Little dude wanted his freedom and all aunt wanted was to have some pictures taken with him.
Do you remember these kind of radios? I love it so much and I am planning to convince my parents to give it to me. This is a gem and you don't see such these days. 
Hey little dude. What are you on about?
Finally warming up to me. We sure had fun together. Can't wait to see you again buddy. 
I miss baby AA already. I can't wait to see him again. I hope that the next time I see him he will remember me. I see him running towards me calling out my name... well one can only dream and hope.

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