Monday, 26 July 2010

Cardboard Testimonies

We carried out a similar exercise like the one in the video at church the other week and I cried. Yes, I am a weeper, a big one especially when I am touched by something. People opened up and shared intimate things about their lives which one would not have known just by looking at them. Indeed there is no one like God, it is only in Him that we can find peace, healing, restoration and rest. For me the exercise was a remainder not to look at people and think that all is well  with them or that they do not have any problems or have never gone through some terrible experiences. A lot of people out there carry heavy stuff inside of them, stuff that eats them on the inside. Thank God for those who know God, have allowed Him to work in them and have made a conscious decision to make God their resting place and strong tower, but there are millions of other people out there who don't even know God (by choice or not by choice) and live burdened lives.

I have made a decision that I am going to try reach out more to others. Yes, sometimes I forget and sometimes my efforts do not bear fruit, that will not keep me from continuing because I know I will definitely make a difference in some lives. A smile, a simple hello or how are you doing? can make a world of a difference to some one. Somebody might walk away feeling much better with the knowledge that someone cares after all or that someone can end up opening up to me and I can tell them about Jesus and they might end up receiving Him into their lives hence get the peace, rest and healing that they are craving for. Frankly speaking, the possibilities are many and after all, they say it is the small things that makes a big difference.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

New Discovery

I recently discovered a new author by the name of Francine Rivers. I have already read three of her books within a short period of time. I just had to share, in case there are avid readers like me out there who are looking for interesting Christian books.

The first book I read was The Warrior a book which is Francine's imagination of Caleb's story. This book made me see the story of the Israelites leaving Egypt for Canaan in a different light and I was impressed by the man who Caleb was - a man of great faith, whose trust was solely in the Lord irrespective of the grumblings and complainings of those around him. No wonder why he stood out and was blessed by God.

The one I just finished is called Redeeming Love. This one kept me up several nights since it was hard to put down. This is an amazing story which is based on the story of Hosea, the prophet who was told to marry a harlot/prostitute as an allegory of God's relationship with Israel. I was totally taken by the love of one of the main characters Michael for Angel the woman God told him to marry. She was a woman who had known pain and abuse most of her life since she had been sold into prostitution at a tender age of 8. This is beautiful love story of a man who loved unconditionally. She ran away, he followed her and bought her back. She put up barriers, he patiently worked on breaking them down. She refused to love or return his love, he loved her anyway. This story tells how deep the love of God for us is. God is indeed an amazing and loving God, I want to love the way He loves.

Do check out this author. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

The Little Big Man

I am very excited, I was a guest blogger on From Now Till I do, you can read my post here. Thanks Chichi it was an honor for me to write a guest post for you.

One of my favorite stories in the Bible is that of Jabez (1 Chronicles 4: 9 -10).  A very short account of the man called Jabez but one which is very significant. Bruce Wilkinson in his book Prayer of Jabez refers to him as the Bible's little big man. His story is found in one of the least read sections of the Bible which is made up of the genealogy of the Hebrew tribes starting from Adam but is a most powerful story. I agree with Bruce Wilkinson that there was indeed something special about Jabez that warranted mention of his story in the middle of a long list of names. This man Jabez inspires me very much.

From the story it seems like Jabez was just an ordinary in the beginning and his greatest burden was his name which prophesied over his life negatively. Jabez means pain and I am sure this was not a name that he was proud to have but this or any other circumstance did not stop him from stepping out boldly to make his requests known to God and we are told that God did grant him what he requested.
Wow, this says a lot to me. There is hope for anybody out there, no matter the situation or the circumstance. The secret is in not letting negativity or circumstances get to us. Irrespective of what we think, what others think we should be bold enough to step out and pray to our Lord pouring out our hearts. Look what He did for the man Jabez, a man who could have just accepted that he was destined to a life of pain and suffering - he could have just given up on life, but he did not. He knew there was more and he was going to go after it and he got it.

'And therefore the Lord [earnestly] waits [expecting, looking, and longing] to be gracious to you; and therefore He lifts Himself up, that He may have mercy on you and show loving-kindness to you.' Isaiah 30:18. Isn't it wonderful that the Lord is longing and looking forward to being gracious to us. In my mind's eye I can see Jabez lifting up his hands towards heaven jumping and saying 'God your search is over, I am here be gracious to me'. As for me I decided that I am going to take advantage of God's graciousness, He is looking for someone to bless? Then I am that woman.
Blessed is the one whose heart is stayed on the Lord in all circumstances and who understands and knows that it is only God who determines who we are and what we become.

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