Saturday, 2 June 2012


I have been sitting here starring at the screen of my laptop not knowing what to write or what to blog about. I cannot believe that it has been over 6 months since I posted anything on this blog. I have been feeling very overwhelmed – yes that’s the perfect word - overwhelmed. I feel as if my life is messy at the moment and I just do not know how to make some kind of order out of it.
How does one proceed in life when they feel stuck and seem not to be going anywhere? When they know what they want from life but they just do not know how to get it? This is the position I find myself in. For years I have always known what I want from life, I have dreamed, prayed and visualized. Most of all I have been taking steps towards achieving these dreams. I have been trying so hard for so long but I feel that all my efforts have been getting me nowhere. The more I try the more it seems as if I am failing. I am at a loss. Does it have to be so hard? When I hear testimonies of others who have made it – getting that job they have always wanted, marrying the person of their dreams, buying their dream house, car – I feel so envious. Do I need to pray more? What is it that I am doing wrong?
Many thanks to LDP and Adiya for stopping by and leaving me messages, it really warmed my heart. I hope that you are all having a wonderful 2012.
I will leave you with my song of the moment from Kelly Clarkson one of my favorite singers.

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