Sunday, 14 March 2010

Guess What?????

I graduated!!!!!Yes, last week and it was an awesome event. Although I had to travel back and forth from where I live (I have to admit it was a bit tiring), the journey was worth it and I was able to see my friends and catch up.
Here are some pictures for your viewing

Snacks at the reception after the ceremony.

My friends and I posing for the camera (Check out my funny pose).

It was rather sad though that most of my classmates could not make it for the ceremony but those of us who made it we tried to enjoy on their behalf :) and will be sharing photos with them. The journey of studying was an amazing one. Besides benefiting academically I was also able to make new friends, travel a lot and learn a lot about other cultures. I am definitely a much wiser person than I was before I began the programme. I thank God for opening the door for me to be able to do this.


  1. CONGRATS precious one on this awesome accomplishment!!!! Blessings to you!!!!!

  2. Congrats. I wish you greater things ahead.

  3. Congratulations, Shona. This is awesome!

  4. Congrats Girl! Graduation is an awesome time. It makes everyting all worth it!

  5. Hey Shona, I found your blog! Congratulations :) I rejoice with you. Many more to come.
    I can't wait to graduate too :)

  6. Thank you LDP and welcome to my blog.

  7. Congratulations! Wishing you abundant blessings and countless business opportunities.


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