Thursday, 7 January 2016

Judging a Book by its Cover ...So Wrong

Finding a good book is like finding a treasure. Of late it has been so hard to find a book which I can say I have enjoyed. There are several books which I have started and have not finished – so unlike me but ... For instance, I like Sophie Kinsella  and I have read a number of her books which I have enjoyed but one of her latest ones left me wanting. When I saw a copy of Shopaholic to the Stars at the local library I made a grab for it and couldn’t wait to start reading. A couple of pages into the book I found myself struggling to get into the story line. Undeterred I read on but at some point even before I got half way I couldn’t go on ...I just couldn’t. I never finished the book. I failed to connect with the main character. 

Then I came across this book unexpectedly: A Guide to the Birds of East Africa by Nicholas Drayson.

At a glance it looked like some book about birds and bird watching, I almost ignored it but I am glad something made me look at it closely. I really enjoyed this book and I had many laughs. Nicholas’s style of writing is like that of one of my favourites Alexander McCall Smith - witty, quirky, with that African flavour that I love so much. Who knew that bird watching and romance could go so well together? Mr. Malik the main character is a man full of surprises – from the incident of the Hadadas and how he manned up to his long time nemesis by accepting a wager over a woman he had secretly fallen in love with. It kept me on the edge and those who saw me laughing on the train or bus (to and from work) must have thought I was crazy, they just didn’t know about Mr. Malik and all the drama which was happening to him and around  him.

Well done Mr. Drayson, what a great book.

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