Monday, 13 June 2016

Just When I Thought All Was Lost

I have been searching... no hunting yes hunting for a certain book for years. When I was about 7 years old I won a book prize at school. I kept that book for years until I was an adult. But because I moved a lot since completing university and my parents did their own house clearings getting rid of stuff over the years the book got lost. Of course, sentimental me was devastated when I couldn't find it on one of my trips home. My other childhood books including The Secret Garden were still there and I just couldn't understand how that one got lost. I had been hoping that it would be one of the books which I would pass on to my children one day. So I came up with a plan...I would buy the book and keep it to share with my kids one day. Aha as it were it turned out that I had forgotten the name of the book. All I remembered was that it was about a magpie who liked shiny things, a wishing well and a little girl who wished for a present to give to someone.

I tried to search on the internet using these and different phrases but my search turned out nothing on my particular book. Disheartening as it was, I was in denial that the internet with all its vastness would not have any information or at least the cover of the book. I knew if I saw the cover I would recognize it. I tried again and again. I had almost given up hope of ever remembering or finding it when the other day I decided to put time periods of when the book could have been possibly published (e.g 1970s, 1980s) and whala, one of the imagines caught my attention. I had found my book. I was so stunned such that I was speechless and frozen for awhile. After years of searching and trying to remember my moment had finally come. After that nothing and no one could remove the smile from my face.
Image from Pinterest.

This is the book. I am going to find it and buy it. One day I am going to share it with my kids. I am adding it to the list. My kids better be avid readers, shame they already have a number of books waiting for them :) :). Kids one of the things you should know is that your mama is book crazy!

Friday, 10 June 2016

The End of the Recognition Wall

When I first saw the recognition wall in our office as a new employee I thought it was so cool. It was a board where our visitors got to sign and write messages. It had motivating quotes, touching words and well to be honest some silly slogans and all that but I loved it. I even signed and wrote a message on it. A few weeks ago a decision was made that it should be rubbed clean and used as an upcoming events board. Being the sentimental person that I am I was distraught. I watched with much sadness as it was rubbed clean. And then... there were 2 particular messages which couldn't be rubbed off because some people had apparently used permanent markers. I was so happy that a part of the wall was going to survive after all.

A Part of the wall before it met its demise.

The last 2 pictures are what remains of what used to be. 

What did I tell you? That wall had some really great messages. My only regret is I didn't think of taking pictures of it before it was wiped off. I guess I took it for granted and just never thought it would be gone one day. Thank you, you who used permanent markers - because of you a part of the recognition wall remains alive. 

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Inspired by Johannesburg and Jewel (Singer)

Last year I entered a short story competition and my story was shortlisted in the 1st round and in the 2nd and final round it received honorable mention as a story which was well written and which the judges enjoyed reading. This year I have been suffering from writers block and haven't been able to write up anything as yet and so I dismissed the thought of entering the same competition again. Last minute, I decided to re-work an old story and enter the competition. I wasn't very hopeful but to my surprise my story was shortlisted again , this time in the top 25 out of about 677 entries. I was wowed and humbled by this.

What really touched me was that  the  5 or 6 judges read my story, really read my story, liked it and put me in the top 25 out of 677 entries. For me that is huge and it gave me a huge boost. Although I eventually did not win in the 2nd round I was ecstatic. My story was in the honors category which is actually higher than the honorable mention category my story for last year was in. The honors category is for stories that were well written, with great story lines and solid characters. This recognition has made me feel that I am going in the right direction with my story writing. 

God help me I really want to take my stories to next level by getting published. I just need to figure out how to go about. Yeah, I am a published author in the making :)

Oh by the way my story was inspired by Jewel's song Hands and my imagination of what living on the streets of Johannesburg could be like. I was in the in a taxi one day on my way to work when I saw some street kids sleeping on the pavements and the idea of a story hit me. Coincidentally Jewel's song Hands had been playing over and over in my head and a story came together. I was very emotional when I wrote that story I tell you. I usually carry a small notebook where I can jot down ideas and thoughts. A lot of times ideas hit me at the oddest of times so I need somewhere to write before I forget. For me writing stories is an adventure in itself. My prayer is that one day (soon) people will read my stories and enjoy them the same way I enjoy reading other people's stories - example I am talking about you Alexander McCall Smith.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Changing Seasons

I was walking to the bus stop the other day when suddenly noticed how bare and naked the trees looked. I mean I walk the same route every morning but I hadn't noticed before. Seeing the leave-less trees made it more real that indeed winter is here. It might not yet be that cold but some cold weather is surely on the way.

Welcome winter you are one of my favorite seasons. I love the scarfs, boots, big jackets and the lie ins on those cold lazy Saturday mornings.

The Good Changes

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