Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Idée Fixe of the Moment

A God who neither sleeps nor slumber... I can sleep peacefully knowing he is awake and has my back.
A God who has committed Himself to watching over me day and night... I can rest and not panic because in my going out and coming in He is with me through and through.
Psalm 121 - Good News Translation (GNT)
1 I look to the mountains;
where will my help come from?
2 My help will come from the Lord,
who made heaven and earth.
3 He will not let you fall;
your protector is always awake.
4 The protector of Israel
never dozes or sleeps.
5 The Lord will guard you;
he is by your side to protect you.
6 The sun will not hurt you during the day,
nor the moon during the night.
7 The Lord will protect you from all danger;
he will keep you safe.
8 He will protect you as you come and go
now and forever.
I simply cannot get enough of this scripture at the moment. It gives me so much hope, reassurance and comfort.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Stumbling Upon Some Encouragement

What a timely reminder because I needed to be reminded of this. I am glad I took a walk which took me through this particular park.

A new year symbolizes new beginnings. It usually also comes with renewed determination, new plans and the excitement of starting over again. For me I had a jumpy start. I have been feeling somewhat overwhelmed and discouraged. Waiting is so hard especially when it feels like nothing is changing. One year ends and another begins and just the thought of it ending the same way is a dread.  I am very grateful though for encouraging friends who are always there to pick me when I am down.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Home for the Holidays (Part 2)

Where my sister lives baboons and monkeys visit a lot. In the morning it is not surprising to be woken up by them running on the roof of the house and howling outside. If you look closely you can see one sitting on the ground and others in the tree. They are even clever enough to open the outside taps so one always has to check otherwise the water will run on and on.

Took this picture after we had come out from seeing the Falls. When we were entering there were a lot of people taking pictures by the sign so we decided to take pictures afterwards.

The mighty Mosi-oa-Tunya (the Smoke that Thunders). Pictures fail to really capture the beauty of Victoria Falls. It is mersmerizing and breathtaking. It was second time to see the Falls but I can say the first time doesn't really count because I was 7 and I hardly remember anything plus I do not even have pictures of that visit - ah well.

A random picture taken as we were walking around. It was so green and beautiful as it is the rainy season and the vegetation is bloomimg and the Falls really thundering.

Yep, we did have fun. This is my cousin jumping next to the Zambezi River. Those waters look real calm but the Zambezi has a lot of crocodiles so we were on the look out for them and ready to flee.

This is the bridge which separates Zambia and Zimbabwe. If you look closely you will see that it is painted half way. The Zambians painted their half and left the other half (interesting).  We went near the bridge to watch the brave souls who were bungee jumping.

Here goes one such brave soul. Here they were being lifted up after the jump.

Time for lunch and we went to a Thai resturant which served some delicious dishes. We ordered many dishes to try a bit of everything. This was one of them.

Cheers to life, family, happiness, all good things and to 2015.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Home for the Holidays (Part 1)

This is the first of two posts about my travels during the festive season. I have so many pictures it was just not easy to choose a few to post here. I had to select a few pictures which summarize the whole trip.Ok, let us begin.

The car packed and ready to hit the road for the long trip to Bulawayo.

Baby E (remember him?) being strapped into his car seat. His first long distance road trip. He was so amazingly good.

We spend about 9 hours at the Beitbrdige boader and it was scorching hot. So hot that we had to undress Baby E and leave him in just his nappy. Look at him, he still managed to pose for a picture.Aaaaw.

After the long and seemingly unending journey due to the delays at the boarder there was no way I was going to proceed without resting so I slept over a a guest lodge called Shamvin run by a wonderful couple who made me feel at home.

Yep Coke goes local. These are some of the popular words in Zimbabwe on coke beverages.

A surprise awaited me at my sister's house and my was I surprised. I never expected to have a cake baked for me. Probably should visit more often ha ha.

Another cutie who I could not leave with out seing was Baby O born in August 2014 just like Baby E. Look at his tongue sticking out. My heart unfailing gets stolen each and every time.

I even managed to bake a cake for the parents when I finally got to see them. So much was done in so little time. Amazing the number of things one can do with some planning and resolve.

Next up will be part 2 of my holday in pictures in a day or two.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Happy 2015! New Year, New Happenings.

I had a hectic festive season which included a lot of road travel. I was home and I tried to see as many people as possible - family and friends who all happen to be spread all over the country. As I write this I am back in the office and exhausted but it was all worth it. Shame it is only Monday and the weekend seems so far away.

I am putting together a post/posts of everything that happened when I was on holiday and I will be posting soon. In the mean while...

Watch this space. There will be news anytime, my heart is going to be smitten all over again. Can’t wait!

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