Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Get Behind Us Campaign

This past week was a very good one I must say. A number of small incidences occurred that made me want to cry not because I was sad but because I was touched and happy. Those little moments that sneak up on us are always priceless.
Lately, it seems like I have been posting just the Pearly Delights posts, I want to go back to where I post about other stuff too. I have a number of things in mind that I would like to write up, so hopefully one of such posts will be up soon.
I have realized from my last post that I mixed up pictures, the viking picture was supposed to be in this post and hence I have corrected that mistake and put the correct picture for the 21st of March.

Unbelievable but I completely forgot to celebrate my blog anniversary in February. Just goes to show the amount of things going through my mind are just too many. Happy belated 1st anniversary my baby Dance with me...


The town I live in has a very interesting history. I have a love for history and actually History was my favorite subject at school such that I took it till my A Levels. The history includes a viking called Olaf who caused a lot of terror in the area such that he had to be offered a sum of 16 000 pounds  before he stopped the reign of terror. In return he agreed to be  confirmed as a Christian and promised never to return to England as an enemy. Olaf later became the King of Norway and helped spread Christianity in his land.

I forgot to take my picture of the day. I had my camera but then got carried away and only remembered later when it was too late. Our church motto is Love God, Love Each Other, Love Those in the World. So in our cell groups (which we call life groups) we plan our activities along those lines. Last week was a Love Those in the World theme and so we went to help a couple who wanted help with removing old wall paper in the house they will move into next month. Having forgotten to take a picture of the action, I improvised, here is the heap of the work clothes I wore instead :(

I love old church buildings.This was a beautiful one. There was a lovely rectory at the back, small park next to it and pieces of history to read about the church too. I was fascinated by the old graveyard on the left.

What do you think of this picture? I found myself giggling helplessly when I laid eyes on it whilst I was waiting for my friend to come down from her office so that we could have lunch together.The receptionist must have wondered what was up with me.

What a meal! This is part of the aftermaths of a 4 course meal served over 4 hours at a Chinese restaurant where a group of friends and I were celebrating a friend's birthday. The food was yummy but...I was not impressed by the slowness. I mean 4 hours to serve a meal ? It  is too long even if it is a 4 course one.

Remember the little moments I mentioned earlier, this beautiful scarf was the result of one of them. A friend went away on holiday sometime ago and on Sunday they came up to me and said they had a present for me. Aaaaaaaawwwww.

A girl has to be on the look out for these things. One can never tell where they will find their perfect wedding dress. And so the hunt continues.


  1. loling at the wedding gown - lol. Indeed a girl has to look out for things.
    Happy Blog Anniversary too Shona.
    YOu've been a blessing :)
    keep being a blessing :)
    We love you and we love Dance With Me!

    - LDP

    PS: are you on facebook? Pls find me http://facebook.com/dynamiqueprofesseur

  2. I love the photos...esp the wedding dress and the heap of clothes (lol). Hey, you're right...it's better to be prepared, who knows where you'll find the perfect dress. :) The history of Olaf is rather interesting.

  3. Get behind us! Hilarious!!Great post. Love the blue scarf. *side eye* at the wedding dress lol



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