Thursday, 24 March 2011

A Glimpse of the Past

I am totally loving doing Pearly Delights. I have realized that I am documenting pieces of my life, both big and small, and I am also sharing about myself with my blog friends. Thank you for all your support, your reading and making comments makes it all worth while. Now for my 2nd catch up post. Enjoy!!!

Tuesday 15 March - Monday 21 March

Look at that! If that is not a carriage and some horses. You should have seen me making a grab for my camera to get a picture before the carriage moved on. What would it have been like to have lived in an age where horses and carriages where the main means of transport and not cars?

I think this would be a good motto to adopt. I know, I know it is not always easy to keep calm and carry on all the time but it doesn't have to be done in one day right? It is a process I think.

I lived and went to school in a small mining town for two years. I had many adventures there. When I saw this industrial site, I felt as if I had been transported back in time and I was standing near one of the mining quarries in that small town. Oh, may be one day I will visit again.

I am sure by now most of you know how much of an avid reader I am. Give me a room full of books and I will stay out of  your way. I think it would be safe to say that libraries are one of my favorite places to be.

With this dear friend of mine we try to meet at least once a month to talk about everything and nothing. I always look forward to catching up with her.

I have a special sister whom God recently blessed me with. We have a special bond and we decided friendship did not really describe our relationship but sisterhood is more like it. She is learning to play the guitar and she invited me over so that I could hear her play. Uuuuhm maybe one day I could convince her to teach me, I have this desire to play a musical instrument.
My new reading delight- The Agatha Raisin Series. The main character Agatha Raisin is one of a kind, seriously, she is hilarious.


  1. Uhm, i'll pass on the history oh! But i do love books. A well stocked library leaves me in awe almost!


  2. uhmmmm....the Agatha Raisin series is appealing.


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