Monday, 7 March 2011

Shona of Love Lane

This is week 3 of my Pearly Delights posts and if I must say it is going quite well with me managing to capture something I delight in or would have delighted in each day. Initially I was not sure I would be able keep up but my enthusiasm is still there and my camera has become like a second skin, always at hand to capture a delight. Some days are easier than others to find something to delight in but I am very glad to have the Pearly Delights 'project' to help me appreciate at least one thing I am blessed with each day out of the thousands of blessings I have. I'm going to keep counting those blessings - God is Good.


Having a 24 hour supermarket 5 minutes from where I live is definitely a delight. On many nights I have made my way there to indulge some instant craving that would have snuck up on me. Yeah, this was one such night.
 Something New! My friends and I had a Shooting and Games night. It was my first time to try shooting. The noise from the shooting was not as loud as I thought it would be. It was good fun. I would do it again.
It was another bitterly cold day and I was making my way to the bus stop when the name of this lane caught my attention. For a moment I forgot the cold and felt like dancing. Who wouldn't with a name like Swing Swang Lane?
I smell Spring one of my favorite seasons. Here is evidence of how close we are to beholding more of the beauty of the season.

Another catchy road name? Only this one is romantic. I would not mind living in this road. Imagine a letter addressed : Shona James, 4 Love Lane. I would then be Shona of Love Lane lol!!!
Introducing the Huggie. My friends tell me it looks soft and flurry and makes one want to hug me. I wore it today and even baby E, my friend's son seemed to love it. He kept burying his face in it and playing with it. I can confidently say this one is a keeper.
In this post I talked about how I need to improve on my cooking skills, well I am trying to do something about it. This a chicken casserole that I attempted. Not really the best looking casserole in the world but is it not said that practice makes perfect and I thought it tasted quite good when it was fully cooked. 


  1. The chicken is awesome! It feels like I shld grab it from here. lol
    On the Love lane, I wouldn't mind living on that road too. God knows why its named like that. lol
    Shooting... Never tried it before. I shld too.. Someday.

    Thanks for sharing Shona.

    - LDP

  2. Swing swang lane and Love Lane? Lovely! Glad you're keeping on with this project.


  3. Shona, I'm loving your Pearly delights...every bit of it.

  4. Re: Cooking. You'll get better w/ practice, definitely :)


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