Monday, 21 March 2011

Blue Eggs and Painted Tunnels

I am two posts behind with my Pearly Delights but I am going to make up for it this week. I meant to post updates last week but I could not seem to find the time. The good news though, is that I still managed to take a picture for each day. Here goes the 1st post.

Tuesday March 8 - Monday  March 14

It is amazing how much can be observed and seen if one makes an effort to be more aware of surroundings. I have lived in the city I live in for a year now and it was just the other day that I saw this written on one of the side walks in the Town Center. How could I have walked by it over a hundred times and never noticed?

I enjoy taking nice long walks admiring nature. This was one particularly lovely day and the weather was just perfect.

Art in the tunnel. It was refreshing to walk through this tunnel and see brightly colored art. A good sight for sore eyes.  Even makes one feel a lot better especially on a cold and rainy day.

This is one of the best films I have seen in awhile. It was romantic, funny and the acting was brilliant especially the character of Mr Darcy. Well done Mr Firth! Now I am inspired to read the book.

Thank God for caring friends who call up and suggest coming over to stay at their house while they are away because they think a change of environment will do me good. Not only that but that meant more room and peace for me - even if it was for a couple a days, it still did me good.

My friend brought over some blue eggs - fascinating. Unfortunately my camera failed to capture their true blueness, this is the best shot I got. I however could not help wondering if they had been colored or if they were originally blue.

I thought this was a beautiful painting. I am not sure what the painter had in mind when he painted it. I thought probably it was an impression of a possible scene after Jesus rose from the dead. Could it be? Would have loved to meet the painter and asked numerous questions.


  1. Shona, oh how I love the words engraved in the first picture! Amazing thoughts of Love!

    hw have u bn these days?

    - LDP

  2. Pride and Prejudice was a brilliant novel. Much better than the movie. I read it more than three times. Good list here, Shona.

  3. @LDP I too love the engraving in the 1st picture. I was like aaaawww when I first saw it.
    I am doing good. Thank you for asking LDP.I am taking each day as it comes and trusting God with the rest.

    @Maid of Heart I am yet to read the novel but I am sure that I will enjoy it since it comes highly recommended as a good read.

  4. That art in the tunnel is so joyful! Colin firth can actually tempt me to watch a romance flick. Well, almost hehe



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