Thursday, 7 April 2011

I love you April!

April has got to be one of my favorite months of the year. Usually there is Easter to look forward to, there is my birthday, one of my best friend's birthdays (actually a day after mine) and the birthday of my country, to name a few things I look forward to. What a month!
The weather has been warming up tremendously and  talk about the burst of colors everywhere - its gorgeous.


I am now seem to be making it a habit of collecting these beautiful sayings. Here is another one that I love. Sometimes, I think we do indeed take a lot of things for granted.

This is one of the results of having a 5 year old style your braids. I like to think of this as a funky hair style. Check out those tiny feet - ha I wouldn't let that one touch my braids unless I wanted them pulled and plucked out.

In one of my previous posts I had a photo of a hanging that said Keep Calm and Carry On  but when I saw this one I was like 'Now that's the one'. I love this one better. Go ladies! Don't we just love shopping.

Made me miss my mum. There were a lot of Mother's Day special offers everywhere. Mothers are special and I believe are one of the greatest gifts God has given us.

My,my! Was I glad to be home after a long day. I am the kind of person who enjoys and loves her space. I usually look forward to going home and taking time out just to relax and be me.

I hate goodbyes.Two of my house mates moved out. Although I cannot say that we were the best of friends it was sad to see them go and a part of me misses them.

This is a picture that hangs in my friends house. What is special about it is that the person in the picture looks like her. She maintains that she is not the lady in the picture but I have my suspicions  ha ha ha, the similarities are just too striking.


  1. Awww, please keep collecting beautiful sayings. The ones you collect are always mind-blowing (loved the quote that said "outside our lives a world exists"). I like that mother's day lunch blackboard picture :)

  2. That picture is lovely! I love this series. Love April too, especially as it's my month hehe


  3. I remember the 2008 birthday at Roehampton!

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone.

    @Joe, ohhhh I remember that birthday.We made so many beautiful memories with our classmates. There is so much I miss.


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