Monday, 16 March 2015

On My Mind

Random things on my mind lately:
  1. Baby A - my nephew. I will be seeing him in less than 2 weeks. The count down has already begun. Baby, Aunty is on the way to see you.
  2.  Pumps - I could do with some new pumps. I have been meaning to buy a new pair for quite awhile now. 
  3. My husband (future) - sometimes I think about him and what he looks like.
  4. The research paper I have to assess, over a hundred pages of it. 
  5. The caramel coated ice cream from Steers. I am super crazy about that ice cream.
  6. Living in a small town. Living in a big city is driving me crazy. 
  7. The library - I thought I had some books which were due. Apparently they are only due next week.
  8. A new job, oooh if only I could get a new better job -one more in line with my dream job.
  9. Baby A again - he is so cute. Just thinking of him brings a smile to my face. Love the little man.
  10. Sleep, I feel very sleepy. I couldn't sleep last night, insomia got me. I had about 3 hours of sleep.
  11. My hair. I need to decide what I will do with it since I will be travelling in a week or so and I don't the hassle of having to comb and maintain it when on the road.

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