Saturday, 7 March 2015

Picnicking At An Island

When I arrived in Sweden it was towards the end of summer. It was still warm but for some of us who are used to warm weather we couldn't do without at least a cardigan. About 3 weeks in someone arranged for all of us (us being me and my classmates) to go to one of the local Islands for a picnic. I do not remember the name of the Island but I remember we had a wonderful time. It was also my first time going out to sea on a boat - exciting times.

This is the boat that took us to the Island. I was initially nervous but I discovered it was actually fun watching the waves and looking out at the sea.
Come on in - its time to board and start off.
Off and away we go.
The Swedish Flag being blown by the fresh sea air.
Ahoy!Another boat going in the opposite direction.
View from the Boat.

Approaching land. .
I miss Sweden. Pictures like this remind me why I love it so much.
Isn't this a cute house?
Perfect spot for a picnic.
Come on guys let us check out this place.
Finally some food. Look at how everyone is focused. Eating is serious business neh?

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