Monday, 9 February 2015

Hello, I love Co-washing

In my search for tips on how to maintain and style natural hair I came across the idea of co-washing (washing hair with conditioner instead of shampoo). I researched about it and I liked the idea because every time I wash my hair with shampoo it gets very dry and ends up breaking. So this weekend I decided to try co-washing. From my research I found out that co-washing needs a lot of conditioner and as a result it is better to go for the cheaper conditioners and then after use a more expensive conditioner. I went and bought one of the cheapest conditioners I could find in Shoprite and then went home to wash my hair.

I must say co-washing worked for me. I wasn't sure if my hair would be clean but it was squeaky clean (I did 2 washes) and then afterwards I used my usual Organics conditioner. 

Image from here.
I was pleasantly surprised when my hair dried and it was not dry and the breakage much much less compared to when I use shampoo– my hair retained its natural oils. So I am a convert to co-washing. My hair will only see shampoo once in a blue moon. Hello co-washing let us see how far we go. 


  1. I gonna try this on my hair. I'm sure it works on chemically treated hair...well, will try all the same. Thanks for the tip

  2. I am sure it works of chemically treated hair. Let me know how it goes. Thanks for stopping by.


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