Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Apelhult Scout Camp Outing

Off we go again down memory lane. This is another re-cap from past my travels and activities, this particular one is a continuation of my time in Sweden.

About 3 weeks after my arrival in Goteborg (5-7 September 2007), Sweden I went for a Scout Camping Outing in Boras (a town near Goteborg) as a volunteer. I was eager to be engaged in as many activities as possible so when the opportunity came along I couldn't say no.

The Boras Train Station. Boras is a city wich is just 60 km from Goterborg. We caught a train from Goteborg station and whala we were in Boras were a friend of a friend  (name forgotten) was there to pick us up.
Before heading out to the the Camp Site in the nearby forest we hung out at the friend of a friend's house. This was the view from the balcony.
Var Redo (Be Prepared) is the Scouts motto. Here is the moto in swedish.
This guy was our main Photographer. He took awesome pictures. Actually he took most of the pictures in this post.

Getting the kids together in the morning so as to work out the activities for the day.
The Swedish Flag being raised whilst we all looked on. 
Some of the campers with their luggage.
One of the children hard at work in one the activities

Lets us build a fire. This is one skill that is essential for any Scout.
How about taking a break? I am exhausted.
Fun putting up a tent
Playing around during one of the breaks.

This bell was rung as a signal for different activities and things.
Beautiful Forest. Tall trees and thick under ground vegetation.
Look at that mushrooms and leaves on the ground.Beautiful!
After a long activity filled day it was time to wind down.
Another Swedish update coming soon. I think I have two more before moving on to the next country.

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