Sunday, 15 February 2015

Celebrating 100 posts and Lots of Memories Captured

I cannot believe that I have done 100 posts. This post is my 100th post; and my word it took long to get here - 6 years to be exact. I haven’t been a regular blogger and there was a time when I completely went off the radar. Anyway...

Browsing through old posts I was so surprised when I discovered that I never shared much about my travels on this blog. Maybe it is because I started this blog when I had done most of my travelling but really it is no excuse. For a while now I have been feeling restless. I miss travelling – the thrill of visiting new places, meeting new people and all that goes with it. Things have been up and down so travelling has not been on my list of priorities in a while but I want that to change. Going through my pictures of the places I have been has been stirring me up. To keep me motivated and focused I am going to be sharing pictures of the different places I have been and some of the interesting things I have done in the past. First up is Sweden.
Sweden was the 1st European country I ever visited and it was in August 2007. I remember getting off the plane at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm, going through passport control where there was a very friendly officer and then heading straight to a Bureau de Change to convert my dollars into Swedish Kronas. Then I made my way to the train station to get the train to Goteborg my final destination. At the station I met a Somalian woman who approached me after seeing my confusion. Although she could only speak Swedish and Somali and very little English we somehow managed to communicate and she promised to make sure I would get to the place I was going in Goterborg. She kept her promise. She only left me when the person who was picking me up came to get me. Sweden will always hold a special place in my heart and I surely hope to visit again someday.

Goteborg boasts of having the biggest harbor in Scandinavia. Its all ships and water  all around the city and that is one of the things I loved about it.

One of the local trams. The transport system is very good. I was impressed.

A Beautiful Swedish Sunset
The Guilty Pleasure

Ooooh how my classmates and I  used to eat cinnamon rolls. We used to call them 'evil rolls' because no matter how much we tried to resist we ended up eating them anyway. Gained a couple of kilo along the way. Even today when I eat cinnamon rolls I think of Sweden.

One of the local stadiums captured from one Swedish Colleague's house where we had gone for a party.
My Hood

I walked this road a thousand times because it led to the supermarket (where that sign is). It's where I did most of my shopping.
This is the building where I stayed. Lovely place.

I just love the way the snow is hanging on the trees and is falling in these two pictures (above and below).
Some of the other flats near where I stayed.

 The Place to Hangout and do shopping in Goteborg.
Welcome to Nordstan - Goteborg's main shopping mall. There was always something interesting happening and here was one such time.

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