Friday, 28 November 2014

Sunday Lunch with the Ladies

This past Sunday Ndie, Skattie and I went for Sunday lunch at Spiceburg Resturant. Ndie was craving for some Indian food and we thought why not? The service was superb. The owner even came and took us through the menu and made some very good suggestions of what we could have.

Ladies at your service. Please let me know if you need anything.

 Uuuuhm where to start from? This is so not easy. So many choices to choose from. Should we even have a starter or maybe just jump into the main meal.

 Hey I am ready to order now. Okay, while I wait let me play with my phone. Gosh, I am so hungry!

Yipee! When the food arrived and we were eager to dig in. We ordered different dishes and then shared so that we could have a bit of everything. That bread right there was heavenly. It fresh, warm and simply delicious.

Looks like you were famished ladies, Can't blame you though - the food was yummy.

Finishing off with an assortment of desserts. Loved the Mango ice cream the most.

I love hanging out with these 2 ladies. There was talk of going to a Jamaican Resturant sometime, that is if one can be found. Let us see what research will bring up. Happy Friday!

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