Sunday, 16 November 2014

A Not Entirely Business Related Trip

This is one post which is long ovedue. I miss my camera! Yes, I do. Since it starting acting up I have been struggling to take pictures. My phone does not take good pictures and mostly I have to rely on friends or people I am with for pictures.I need to get that camera checked out... I pray it is nothing major and I do not have to buy a new one.

Okay, at the end of October I went to Durban  again, this time with two friends for a business related do and we took the opportunity to have some fun despite the hectic schedule. There was no way we were going to leave Durban without going to the beach - even the bad weather failed to keep us away.

In the plane - I dont know what we were looking at. There was turbulance due to bad weather and it turned out that all of us are not fans of flying. Let's just say - prayer, sweaty palms and holding hands. When we held hands and one of us said a prayer, the last thing on our minds was the people around us. Probably, they though we were crazy... It was a relief when we landed.

Safely on the ground again, after collecting our luggage.

Having breakfast the next morning. I dont remember what was happening here ... could be it be that we were saying grace for the food. I hope not otherwise it means ...oh never mind let me just let this one go.


At the beach in the cold weather - just had to brave it out. I think it shows in the picture that the water was not very warm -hey?

See you next time Durban.  I am not yet done with  you.

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