Thursday, 20 November 2014

Looking Up Always

A rich man was standing on the balcony of his hotel room when he looked down and saw a beggar standing below. He took out his wallet and threw down a 1 dollar bill. When the beggar saw it he picked it up. This went on for quite a while with the rich man dropping down 1 dollar bills and the beggar picking up. What surprised the rich man was that, not once did the beggar look up to see where the money was coming from. Then the rich man had a thought, he filled a bucket with cold water, went back to the balcony and threw the water down at the beggar. At that the beggar looked up to see who had poured the water on him – angry of course.
May I not be one of those people who forget about God, ignoring or neglecting Him when the blessings are flowing and life is good. It shouldn’t take problems for me to look up to Him and acknowledge Him.  When it’s good and when its not- it doesn’t matter may I still look to Him.

This is a summarized version of the story that someone shared with us at church. I think it nicely summarizes how fickle we can be. Food for thought indeed.  

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