Monday, 1 December 2014

Dedicating Baby E

Yesterday, I went to the dedication of Baby E. It was so good to see him again and this time I had lots of time because I slept over. By the way Baby E is still my Idée Fixe of the moment, a hard one to knock off I tell you. The little man is just so adorable. My goodness, he loves starring and observing. He is one clever boy, this one.

 Come on Aunty. I just woke up. At least give me time to freshen up.

 Aaaah! What to do. Can't you at least focus on one thing Aunty. Give me my milk first then we can have a photo session.

Ok. You can take one now. I am ready and am on my way my dedication. Might as well capture the moment.
Baby E's parents are the one on the left, the ones in matching outfits. There was another baby alsobeing dedicated and she was also a miracle baby who came after much trying and prayers.
 The moment of dedication whilst the parents watch on.

Another moment. Looks like baby E is wondering what is happening.
 Baby E now being handed back to his parents. He was so good. He didn't cry at all through the whole dedication process..

Random picture. The shoe of the guy who was sitting next to me and part of my leg in stockings. 
It was Baby E's first time to go to church and I was really surprised he was unfazed by the noise and the many new faces. He kept smiling and stealing more hearts.  It was an honour to see him being dedicated.

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