Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Passion

This is my favorite spot in the park where I usually take my walks to. Usually I take my Bible and sit on that bench and spend some time with God. The mornings are usually the best times cause it is quieter.

A good friend of mine is getting married in a week or so. The wedding is going to be in her home country South Africa and so I took the opportunity to give her her wedding gift when we met up for lunch. 

I went to  Body Shop party. It was my first time to go to one of such  parties. Body Shop products were being advertised and those who bought stuff worth a certain price on that night go a special offer. I got a free facial yay!

The Passion play was acted in the town center on Good Friday and I thought it was well acted despite the fact that they used two places as stages and people had to move between them several times. One of my friends was one of the thieves who was crucified with Jesus.  This year the weather was perfect cause last year it was pouring and I left early.

Don't we all need to get away from this busy life sometime. For me the cure of nature works always. A few hours of sitting in a nice quiet place surrounded by nature does wonders for me. Sorry the picture didn't come out too well and not to mention the marks covering some of the words.

Hoooray! Jesus rose on this day and today He is alive and seated with God. Because of Him I am free and live in victory. This question asked by my pastor got me thinking. How am I responding to what Jesus did for me. Am I living the life that Jesus meant me to live when He surrendered His life for me on the cross?

I confess I love junk food - not always but sometimes. On this particular day I was craving  this chicken from a place called ... aaah the name has escaped me, so much that just the thought of it had me salivating. I could not say no to myself.


  1. Wow, you mean they acted passion on stage? How did they do the Jesus on the cross part? I am yet to see a live acting of such. I really hope...

    Very true the Rod Mason words... The peace is from the Prince of Peace (Jesus Himself, Halleluyah!)

    How will u respond,.. reminds me of one of my blogpost and mesage before...

    Thanks for sharing Sis. I enjoyed the post :)

    - LDP

  2. I would have so loved to see that play oh! And Body Shop is my personal person lol


  3. Love that quiet spot in the park.

  4. @LDP - They did an amazing job with the play. They had some kind of supports on the cross for his feet and there were handles where he could hang on with his hands.
    I am told they practiced for months and their hard work paid. I hope u get to see a Passion play live one day, it's amazing.

    @Adiya and Maid of Heart thank you for your lovely comments.


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