Sunday, 11 December 2016

Why This Season Makes Me Sad In A Way

I love the season of Christmas. There is always something exciting going on - talk about events, parties, markets and so much more. One of the things I also look forward to are the Christmas movies. However, (I bet you saw that coming) each year something always bothers me. It feels like Christmas has been hijacked. Santa Claus/Father Christmas and the commercialization of the day being some of the culprits. Honestly, I don't think many people know what Christmas is all about. The focus is no longer on Jesus as it should be but its on other things which have taken the focus on the real meaning of Christmas.

I remember watching a programme sometime ago where they were asking people what Christmas was all about. Shockingly very few people even mentioned Jesus. I was hurt, yes hurt and saddened. One person even mentioned that Christmas has nothing to do with Jesus because if he really ever existed he wasn't even born in December. This person just had to miss the point...

Anyway, so what does Christmas mean to me. Whilst I agree it is also about spending time with family and giving gifts, those are just side events which are done to share and show each other the love which the Lord Jesus Himself showed all of us by coming down to earth, living as a human and dying for us in order to give us life abundantly and bridge the chasm which had been created between us and God because of sin.He didn't have to but he did it anyway because He loves us so much. Christmas to me is about remembering how much God loves me and how He was willing to humble himself although He is God. His very birth changed the fate of mankind and human life was forever changed.  I am glad that Jesus came and died for me, I am because of Him and I cannot imagine life without Him. He is my everything.  One day when I have children I am going to make sure they know the real story behind Christmas.

Here is my current idee fixe. I love Lauren Daigle, I think she has an awesome voice and this song is really awesome. Love it and it is on repeat on my play list.

In other news - I have also been doing the rounds visiting Christmas markets. I am always on the look out for interesting and unique staff and general markets always deliver. Here are a few pictures.
The Christmas Village at Monte Casino was one of the places I couldnt miss.
You can just tell its Christmas.
There was even a cool fountain place where the children could cool off and have fun.
They even has movies showing every evening. 
I got this gorgeous bag which is perfect as an over night bag or an office bag where I can put in my laptop and work stuff.
 So what have you been up to this festive season and whet does Christmas mean to you? Just curious:).

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