Friday, 13 January 2017

And We Begin Again

I cannot believe that we are in a new year already. Time is flying and my head is spinning. I am very excited though because I have this very strong feeling that great things are going to happen this year. I just know it.

The festive season was hectic - I visited my parents, was a bridesmaid in a wedding and even managed to squeeze in one more holiday in Namibia. I know I know - it means more post building up, I already owe two posts on my trips to Thira (Santorini) and England. I promise I will get round to it 😄😄😄.
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Anyway, something really awesome happened to me today and it made my day. I went to the tax office to finish off filing my taxes for last year. I got there at around 14.15 and they close at 16.00 hrs. The guy who was assigning which query was which told me blankly that I should leave because with the way things were looking I was highly unlikely to be served. I looked around and saw what he meant,the place was packed. Nonetheless, I persisted and told him that I would take my chances. He shook his head and issued me with a ticket. I took a seat in the packed waiting room  and prepared myself  for what most likely was going to be waiting in vain. I took out a copy of Joseph Prince's Unmerited Favor , the book which I am currently reading, made myself comfy and started reading.

I am really enjoying this book because it is opening up my eyes to so many things. For sure Joseph Prince is challenging me to be more daring and purposeful with my faith. One of the things he talks about in the chapter I was reading  at the time of my waiting, was practicing the presence of God all the time in all circumstances. He gives an example of David who was known for singing praises and hymns to God in all circumstance. As I was reading I briefly thought to myself, 'I am reading a book on favor, what if somehow I don't wait in vain and I actually get served today.' However, I quickly dismissed the thought because I could see how packed the room was and the ticket numbers for my query were hardly moving. 

The miracle happened just after 3. I watched in awe as ticket number after ticket number under my particular query ended up as abandoned tickets - the ticket number owners were no where to be found. In a space of 15 minutes my ticket number appeared on the screen, I couldn't believe it- I was going to be served  after all - with about 40 minutes to spare before closing time. 

I just couldn't get my mind around  what had happened so as the officer who assisted me was just finishing off, I mentioned that I was so glad that there had been so many abandoned tickets  otherwise I would  not have been served. He agreed and said that actually, he wasn't supposed to be doing my kind of queries but he had decided to volunteer to help otherwise, he pointed out I would have had to come back another day. Then I remembered something I had been reading in Unmerited Favor - that if God cares enough to keep track of the hairs on our heads, there is nothing too small which He cannot do for us. God it seems, didn't want me to wait in vain and come back another day to start a whole new queue. He stirred things up just for me.

Its been hours since the incident but I am still feeling grateful and humbled. God is so good. If this is what favor can do I definitely want more of it in my life. 

Okay ..,. I am going back to my book Unmerited Favor. I highly recommend it, its a good read because it brings about revelations about things we know about as Christians but never really ponder on, understand or put into action. I love it when things like what happened to me today happen - thank you Lord, I know you have my back.

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