Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Could This Be a Travel Blog???

This is beginning to feel like a travel blog. I seem to have so many travel related posts...oh by the way I still owe posts of my trips to Greece and the UK...yeah this year has been my year of travelling and it looks like I might just have 1 more trip lined up before the year ends.

Two weeks ago I had an unexpected opportunity to go to Magaliesburg. I have heard good things about  Magaliesburg and have always wanted to go. A getaway just an hour out of Johannesburg (when there is no traffic) with great views, fresh air and the quietness and serenity which I am always craving for, it was perfect. Shame that it was a working 2 days but I enjoyed the bit I got to see and the hotel we stayed at was yes...5 star for sure.It is a nice get away for a romantic weekend and would recommend it to anyone.

Welcome to De Hoek Country Hotel
Wide open spaces everywhere. This is the view from one of the dinning rooms.
The food was also very delicious - I have been wanting to lose some weight for months but with enticements like this I have no chance.

The table set up on our first night there with my colleagues. 
We even had a murder mystery - it was my first. Loved it especially considering I am a big fan of Agatha Christy and crime drama and books.
The judge presiding over the case of one of the murders - there was a total of 3 murders.
The evidence table to help us figure out who the murderer was. It was a complex case but managed to figure out 8/10 of the mystery. Watching all those crime drama finally paid off lol!
Look and that view walking to my room.
I was in room number 6.
My room was gorgeous. I felt right at home immediately.

This was my favorite spot in my room.
They had a great selection of books too. I was pleasantly surprised there was a Francine Rivers books. Oh yeah I managed to read it right by that window in the previous picture
My tea area - those 2 jars were full of cookies and biscuits. How in the world am I supposed to loose weight.
I even had a little pouch. It was a hectic and tiring 2 days but I made sure I took the opportunity to sit there and enjoy the noises of the night.
That shower oh that shower. I enjoyed that shower it was like gentle rain. A friend commented how wasteful of water it was...I refused  to be guilt tripped. Everybody deserves pampering once in a while.
 It was a brilliant two days, despite the fact that it was a working 2 days. At least the next time I need a get away I know where to head ...and I will make sure it will be a fun relaxing getaway with no work involved. 

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