Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Switzerland Part 2

The one thing I forgot to mention is that Switzerland - particularly Geneva is expensive, very expensive. I remember pay 95 Euro for a simple lunch and getting the shock of my life. I thought Norway was expensive has nothing on Switzerland. Grace explained to me that it was due to the many diplomats who live in Geneva, the presence of a lot of international organizations and the famous Swiss Banks.

Anyway, during my visit I had the opportunity to visit one of the smaller towns in the mountains called Lenk which is one of the places were winter sports happen. I have never seen places that looked like a picture and so unbelievable. I even got to witness an old old Swiss farmers' game called Hornussen in session. The visit to the small town meant a lot to me because I was able to get a real Swiss experience and see how the ordinary Swiss people live. Switzerland is a very mountainous country, you will see this in the pictures.

Again I had so so many picture so it was very difficult to choose, I was taking pictures, Grace was taking pictures so I have hundreds of pictures.
It was about a 4 hour drive from Geneva to Lenk.
The views were stunning. It was a sunny day too.

We saw lots of cows along the way. Grace's 4 year old loved the cows. 
Need I say anything?
Loved how most of the houses in the smaller towns have flowers hanging from the windows. 
Can't figure out why it looks like it was a cold day in this picture, because it was a warm day by Swiss autumn standards. 
We made a stop at this place just to take pictures and breath in the fresh air.
When we arrived in Lenk the 1st thing we did was find a place to have lunch. Took a window table so as to see the stunning view of the mountains.
This was a delicious lunch. I fell in love with a Swiss soft drink called Rivella. It is good. But I heard that it is only popular in Switzerland, it didn't do well in other markets. 
One of the few streets in Lenk. I tell you, its so hard to get lost in these small towns.
Arrival at the field where the Hornussen game was being played. Of course had to take a picture other wise would forget the name:).  
These are rods which are used to play the game. 
Garce's husband is Swiss but he has never seen a game in session  because it is one of those old old traditions which is not so popular anymore. So it was a real honor  to be there for the game.
So the very flexible rod above is used to hit the ball and the end of the blue rail like thing. Believe me its not easy.
Look at that view in the background. Although it was October the snow was already gathering on the mountain tops. 
See those flowers on the windows. So beautiful.
Doesn't this look one of the pictures you wee on a postcard .. so tranquil and picturesque. 
Later afternoon after the game ended there was a celebration in the city centre. 
People came out in their numbers... I mean there was beer and food.
Horse and carriage in Lenk city centre.
There is also a lot of para gliding activities which happen. Managed to capture this para glider who was just about to lane. Do you see those snow capped mountains in the background. 
On our way to the lodge were we stayed. The stunning views are everywhere you look. 
This is the lodge were we stayed. It was charming. 
These where our neighbors for the time we were there. This is the view from the lounge.
Imagine having this as the view in your backyard? I want to have that (Sigh).
We managed to also to to one of the local waterfalls called Iffigenfall. 
So this waterfall is a result of the snow which will be melting from the surrounding mountains.
Goodbye Lenk. This is one of the last pictures I took as we drove away. 
I love places with character. This is a city called Aigle it is about 2 hours away from Lenk. We stopped here to visit a castle. In Aigle they grow grapes and make wine.  Its another small town but a little bigger than Lenk
Here is the Castle - the Chateau d' Aigle. This happens to be one of Grace's 4 year old's favorite castles. See told you before... amazing views from every direction. 
So in the castle they have a display of the wine making process in the olden days which I liked. 
Look at those wine tasters getting drunk. This is over tasting for sure. 
At some point they had a wine called Johannisberg - fascinating indeed. Don't you just love these cool wine labels they had  in the past.

I can't get over those labels - crazy different.
Looking at the vineyards from the castle

Painting of the castle the way it looked back then

So what do you think of Switzerland? As for me  I am sold totally hopelessly in love more than before. There is a reason I fantasied about this country long before I visited it. One of the places with the most amazing views I have ever seen for sure.

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