Sunday, 13 November 2016

What Happened in October

Hello World! Yes, it’s me. I have been on some kind of hiatus, not because I wanted to, but because so much has been happening and I simply couldn’t find time to blog. October has been the most hectic month for me this year – it was a month of travelling and adventure but honestly…I am so so glad to be back home. At the end of my globe trotting I ended up missing home. The good news though is that I owe a number of blog spots! Watch this space for several blog posts – am so excited to share the recent happenings in my life.

First up…beginning of October my sister and nephew Baby A came to Johannesburg for a visit. I was so excited to have them over and it was an opportunity to see and spend time with my fast growing nephew. I tell you, every time I see him he would have changed a whole lot. For some reason though, the first few days he was clinging to his mum and wouldn’t come to me and would just watch me from afar. He would follow his mum everywhere – including in the toilet and when she was bathing. It was only towards the end of their visit that he started warming up to me. My nephew is 1 year 8 months but I think the famous terrible twos have come early J. We went shopping on one of the days and wow did he throw tantrums. In one shop he was screaming and rolling on the floor, I didn’t know what to do. My sister was also at a loss as he has never done it before – gotta love kids, you never know what to expect. Here are a few pictures from their visit:
After a long day of shopping, at least someone was smiling.
This car was a huge hit with Baby A. He refused to get out and even had his dinner whist sitting in that car :)
Look at they 2 Baby E and Baby A - the two met for the first time and they got on well too. Baby E was gracious to let Baby A  go crazy in his car. He actually pushed him around.
Baby A loves phones - but then which baby doesn't? His mum and I always had to sneak away to read messages or send some out because the moment you touched the phone he would grab it away and start playing with it. He is really smart because he knows his was around a phone - knowing where his favorite songs and videos are. I was impressed.
Talk about a busy person - this young man is pretty busy. He is always up to something.
Yes, we finally became friends. Look at us - I don't remember what was happening.
Isn’t he the cutest? Even when he has been naughty, my heart never fails to melt. Yes, he still my all-time idee fixe. I can’t wait to see him in December and I am sure he would have grown a bit and will look different and I also hope that we will become fast friends. I am an Aunt, I can't help myself.

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