Saturday, 3 September 2016

When People Don’t Get It

Sometimes, people just don’t get it. They don’t understand why you want something so bad or why that dream matters to you. They tell you that at least you have other things to be grateful for and that it’s not so bad. This was Hannah’s situation (1 Samuel 1). Here was Elkanah her husband who was always asking her why she was so downcast about not having children, pointing out that she had him – something he alluded to being better than having 10 sons. He simply didn’t get it.
Despite a seemingly unchanging situation Hannah did not give up. She could have but she made the decision not to. Just because no none seems to understand doesn’t mean that God doesn’t and she understood that. That is why she kept knocking and she refused to give up on what she wanted. Honestly, sometimes giving up seems the better option especially when all attempts to make headway seem not to be working. Haven’t we all been there? Hannah is a real inspiration. Instead of giving up she took it notches higher. So fervent in prayer was she that Eli the priest though she was drunk (1 Samuel 1: 13 -14). So determined was she that she made a vow with God ... if you give me a son I will give him back to you. Wow! This woman was determined and there was no stopping her. In my mind's eye I can see God nodding and saying, 'Yes, Hannah my daughter yes. How can I deny you your request?'

Some dreams are easily achieved but some … take stamina and grit and they are not for the quitters. Just because people don’t get it doesn’t mean a dream is not worth pursuing. Anything is possible with God.  Stories like this story of Hannah never fail to inspire me and keep me going when the chips are down. With God the possibilities are endless and like I always like to say He is always listening and sometimes when we least expect it, things begin to happen.

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