Saturday, 17 September 2016

I Found It!

In a post a while back I shared how I was hunting searching for a couch. I am glad to tell you that the search is over. Just when I was getting weary because I kept seeing more or less the same ones, I walked into this one shop and wham! I fell in love.

I have been particularly looking for a sleeper couch because I live in a 1 bed place and I want visitors to have somewhere reasonably comfortable to sleep on. I love this couch because it is different. It is unlike all the other sleeper couches I was coming across. It is also quite comfortable (yes I tried it for a night), easy to transform, is very strong and looks good both as a couch and bed. I am excited. Now I will be accessorizing and I am moving on to my next buy. House furnishing and decorating can be stressful but is exciting all the same.
An Empty Lounge Area. It had been like this for over 2 months. 
Assembling the Sleeper Couch.
Making progress.
All done. I am in love with this Couch.
Couch turned into bed.
Look at that - it looks like a real bed doesn't it?
   Great weekend everyone.

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