Monday, 25 July 2016

My One Thing

A few days ago I had a conversation with my friend Fay about singlehood and she was encouraging me not to lose hope. She gave me the scripture of Luke 18: 1-8 where Jesus told the parable about the persistent widow. I have always loved that parable and on many occasions that particular scripture has kept me going and I must admit pesistance in prayer has paid off. However, when it comes to being single and struggling with it I have found it hard to be consistently relentless. There are times when I feel hopeless and discouraged and I feel as if God is simply not hearing me and that I might as well accept that I am going to be single for life. Friends like Fay are a blessing because they remind me that giving up is not an option and that there is always hope.

Anyway, as with most single ladies I have a list of things that I would love to have in a husband. I know that people have different views on this and my view is that there is nothing wrong with having a list. Well, I am a dreamer and believe that anything is possible so I am not afarid to dream big and act outside the box. Having said that if some one where to ask me if I had to chose just 1 quality in my future spouse what would it be. The answer would be that I want my future spouse to be able to love me the way God does. I mean I have experienced the highest kind of love there is and I don't want to experience any less. Plus if he loves me the way God loves me then all other things like faithfulness, kindness, forgiving etc will be part of the package. Just my thoughts! That would be my one thing from my 'crazy' list (smiley face).

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