Thursday, 18 August 2016


The whole of last year and part of this year on my side bar I had a list of things I wanted to do. Moving to a new place was one of the things on the list. finally happened. From the 1st of July I moved into a new place. I am now staying on my own. I love the space, the independence and just knowing that the place is mine. Makes me feel so grown up lol!
Old Place

New Place
The place is still very empty but that does nothing to diminish my excitement. I am always on alert for things that I can put in my new place. Being the picky person that I am I have not yet found a couch which I love - a couch is number one on my list. I have so many ideas running in my head and I have been doing my research. Pinterest is such a good place to get ideas and inspiration.
In my search for home ware I went to the Decorex Expo last week and I am glad I did. Here are a few pictures.
Looks too good to take a bath in.
For my garden or veranda some day.
Love love the burst of colors
These hand made flowers caught my eye.
I have never been a pink person but this got me.
More lounge ideas. Red/maroon doesn't look too bad for the couch.

The more I see home ideas the more I realize that the choices are many. It can be a bit confusing but at the end of the day it is down to one's budget. At the Decorex Expo I saw a lot of lovely stuff but on asking the prices I found myself cringing more than thrice.
I see exciting times ahead as I furnish and decorate my place. It's a dream come true for sure.

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