Monday, 18 July 2016

The First Time I ‘Met’ Kari

It was 2011, together with a couple of friends we decided to drive over to Watford where the Soul Survivor Festival was happening. The couple of hours we spent there were amazing and how I wished I had signed up for the whole conference and not just a day. Just before we left we stopped by the stalls, we wanted to buy a CD/s to listen to on the way home. There were so many to choose from and so many names I had never heard, it was hard to made a decision. Then my friend Cherie grabs this CD with this beautiful woman on the cover, takes a look at the song list and says, ‘Let’s take this one. I know the Revelation Song so she must be good.’ So we got the CD and what a good choice it was. We listened to the CD during the 2 hr drive from Watford to Andover, repeating our favorites several times. I fell in love with songs like, ‘Healer’, ‘My Beloved’, Sweep Me Away’, ‘No Sweeter Name’, Everyone Needs a Little’, ‘You are for Me’ – hey wait a minute – am I just about to list every song from the album? Since then I have been a fan of Kari Jobe and her music. She has a beautiful voice and sings from the soul. Her music leaves me with no doubt how much she loves Jesus.

The other day I saw the interview she and husband gave and one of the stories she told touched me and reminded me about God’s faithfulness even regarding the seemingly small things. Yes, indeed God is always listening and even when we have forgotten He doesn’t. So Kari shares the story of green eyes and how she always said she wanted to marry a man with green eyes. However, when she first got to know her husband, then just a friend, he had brown eyes. Let me not spoil the story – so I guess you have to listen and watch the clip to know what happened. But all I can say is that – her husband now has green eyes.

Gotta love how God works. 

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