Friday, 29 April 2016

When A Little Craziness Is Required

Have you watched the movie War Room? I did, a few weeks ago and it revived me spiritually. I felt challenged and motivated.  Life is not walk in the park and I for one cannot imagine it without God. He is my hope and strength. During those dark times He is the light at the end of the tunnel, He keeps me going. I always know, that He is there somewhere and He will see me through. He is that faithful and He has proved it again and again.

There was a scene in the movie which spoke to me. Priscilla Shirer was praying and chasing the devil from her life, her house and her family. She opened the door stood on the veranda shouting at the devil asking him to go and never return. Yes, she was acting like a mad woman. She had had enough and she wanted a change in her life and she wasn't going to negotiate about it.

Sometimes, the only way to go is a little crazy. Have you ever been in that place where you were fed up, really fed up with a certain situation in your life? You got to that point where you told yourself enough is enough and you felt like if something didn't give you would loose your sanity? I have found that sometimes, acting crazy helps. Like that time I wrote a loaded letter to one Government Ministry where my application had been hanging for ages despite numerous follow ups. In my email I expressed my displeasure and told them I needed a yes or no answer so that I could move on with my life instead of  being in limbo. Or that time when I made that seemingly crazy decision to go back to my home country where the economy was not in a good place instead of staying in another more stable country? Sometimes, it is about taking a stand and going with your gut feeling and yes, it might be or seem crazy but I know that crazy can be good. After all, faith - walking in faith involves craziness. It doesn't always make sense and it is usually only in the after maths of a miracle and in looking back that one is awed by the craziness and tenacity they had. In the right situations a little craziness can go a long way.

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