Sunday, 24 April 2016

Spain II (Very Random Pictures)

This part II of my trip to Spain. Because so much happened in a short time and I took hundreds of pictures. I thought it would be fitting to give a summary of my trip. I really really enjoyed myself on this trip.
Preparing for take off  at OR International Airport. I always tell my friends that I take it 1 flight at a time because honestly, I don't like flying.
I watched The Intern on the plane. I enjoyed this movie.  Robert De Niro was out did himself. Not to mention it was a great distraction.
Passed through Doha, Hamad International Airport. I think I should have it on my places to visit places. I liked the little that I saw at the airport.
Still in Doha.
Came across this interesting looking shop called The Bumble Tree. It sell intersting toys and gifts from all around the world. Unfortunately, I didnt have much time to enjoy the shop.
Wow. These were interesting pieces.
On the Tube on my way from the Barcelona–El Prat Airport. I arrived early in the moring - around 8 am.
I was fascinated by this train because it does not have a driver. So you can actually stand in the front and pretend to be the driver. Well, that's what I did. 
We rented an apartment which was in the centre of town within walking distance to most of the attractions.It was a 2 bed apartment near Av. Diagonal.

The famous La Rambla Street.
One of the best ways to see the city on the City Sight Seeing Bus.
Went to the harbour. There was a huge lovely shopping centre across.
They use motor bikes as a mode of transport a lot. All around the city you can see hundred and hundreds of bikes parked in different places. Something about it being very expensive to bring in cars into the city centre as parking is very expensive.
View of the beach from the bus.
I had to go to the home of Barcelona Football Club. This was for my brother who is a crazy soccer fan.
Yep. Had to take a picture with the Stadium in the background.
A tram passing by.
The Street artists. This reminded me of mime artists on the South Bank, London.
Yes, there are hunks too in Barcelona. We were fortunate enough to come across this dancing group. 

Yep, Made it to the Aquarium.
Discovered this delicious wine in one wine shop and it happened to be the last bottle. Wew were so heartbroken and failed to find it in any other wine shope. I have been looking for this wine in SA. I hope I find it.
One of the Restaurants we went to. The food was good but I wasn't impressed with the portions and the ridiculous prices. We were so hungry and we were shocked by the small portions and huge bill.
A Violinist on the Tube. He was quite good.
Talk about great food. There was no talk of watching weight. Who would in the circumstances???

Last night in Barcelona. One thing which I noticed is that the Spanish are very active at night. I was surprised how busy the streets are at night.
On the plane on my way back. It was a sunset in any of the places between Barcelona and Doha. 
I think one of the things I would do different if I were to go back to Spain would be to visit a smaller town. Big towns are nice but I think there is always somethimng special about small towns were things are much slower and more relaxed.

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