Monday, 18 April 2016

Barcelona Update (At Last)

Way back in March I promised to share pictures from Barcelona but I have not been good at keeping my promise :). So today I decided I was going to make time to post something. Barcelona was awesome. It didn't take long for me to settle in and after a few days it felt like I had been there for months. One of the things which I loved the most was the architecture - as I kept saying to my friends - the buildings have character. Sometimes I would just stand and admire a building. I was in awe. So this post is dedicated to the wonderful architecture of Barcelona which stole my heart.

This is the Casa Batallo. Isn't it gorgeous. It is one of the many Antoni Gaudi buildings. He was a brillian architect.

This beautiful church was near the famous La Rambla Street. It is called the church of Santa Maria del Mar (I think).
Look at that. I thought it was different.

See what I mean when I say the buildings have character?
Then of course the famous Sagrada Familia church. This is a must for anyone who goes to Barcelona. Building of this church has been going on for centuries with completion being expected in 2026.
Look at that art. The details and the work on this building is AMAZING. One of the most spectacular buildings I have seen so far.
The inside. That is the ceiling. I dont think my camera did justice to the beauty of this church.
Gorgeous windows.
I made a prayer in the church. Missed the time for a service, would have love to attend a service there.
A closer look at the outside.

Wow! That's all I can say.
This is the part of the church which houses the shop and museum.
More buildings with character.

Besides facing some language barrier challenges here and there this was a great holiday. I would go to Spain again if I got the opportunity.

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