Saturday, 4 April 2015

Sprouting Seed

I came across this Mexican proverb and I couldnt help but marvel at its meaning. It made me think about Jesus. When he died and was buried on the cross darkness thought it had truimphed and that He was dead, buried and defeated. Little did the devil know that it was just the beginning of greater things - he didn't realise that Jesus was a seed who with His resurrection was going to spout with the most amazing results. His burial breathed forth an everlasting victory, a victory which man kind is privildged to partake of. I Iove this man of Nazareth. I celebrate Him this Easter time for all that He has done for me, all He is doing and all that He will continue to do for me.Watch out devil I am just like my Lord and Saviour - you might try to bury me but I am a seed, burying me will only make me sprout and grow into better things.

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