Tuesday, 14 April 2015

14 April!!!!!!

Today is my birthday! There I have said it.

Here is the thing - I used to enjoy celebrating my birthday and I actually used to look forward to it but not so much anymore. What changed? Probably its the thought of getting older and realizing that time is definitely not on my side as regards a number of things.

Any how, here are a few things that happened today which surprised me:

  1. Two of my bosses who are based at our company head quarters sent me birthday messages - I was surprised they even knew the day of my birthday.
  2. My good friend (e-pal) Nathalie also sent me a sweet birthday message. She is such a lovely person and again I was surprised she remembered my birthday.
  3. Another colleague who I hardly speak to and works in one of our satellite offices asked me, 'It's your birthday today right'. Again I was surprised that she even knew the date of my birthday. 

So the common thread here seems to be that people actually know more about me than I think. Lesson to remember: never to think that I am invisible, people are watching and observing - either silently or in the background.

I don't know what the rest of the day holds but I am grateful for the gift of life. I might fantasize about being young and my younger days- what could have been but never was (yeah right!) but it is a blessing to have lived for so many years, not everyone got the chance. Thank you Lord. Here is to many many more years.

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