Saturday, 25 April 2015

A Day At the Zoo

We had a work team building exercise at the local Zoo a day after my birthday. Since my birthday was very uneventful I took it as an opportunity to celebrate. The team building was over by 13.00hrs and so had the rest of the day to tour the Zoo and what an experience it was.

My colleagues decided to do a little something for me a week after my birthday. We are just 3 in our department so it was lovely to share these bites and the cake, which I must say was delicious.
Woolies cakes are some of the best.
Anyway back to the zoo. Here are a few pictures.  There was so much to see and it was a fun day out.

Arriving at the Zoo.

The white lion was gorgeous.
They say that the rhino has one of the toughest skins together with the elephant and the hippo.
We stayed for quite a bit watching this elephant eating. It seemed he was enjoying the attention as there was actually a bit of a crowd watching.
Then there was the crocodiles. I failed to take a good picture so have this poster instead. There was one crocodile who had his mouth open for over 10 minutes without moving. My friends and I actually had a debate as to whether it was a fake or a real croc - then he snapped his mouth shut and opened it again.
Mesmerizing - he/she was a real show off.

I bet you can tell the tigers were my favorite. We stayed here the longest. There were three or was it four of them in the confinement and I captures 2 of them on camera. 
The defining moment when one of the tiger swam right to the glass panel where we were standing and started clawing. Ummm I wonder if he was salivating watching all of us - damn the glass wall.

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