Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Snippets ...My Year So Far

2014 has been a somewhat interesting year. Unfortunately, my camera went dead a while back and hence I have not been taking lots of pictures. I occasionally use my phone but it doesnt take the best pictures but anyway... this is what I have been partly up to. I just picked random things that I think were interesting and of significance:

Beautiful Durban- 28 May 2014 I went to Durban for the first time. This is a view from my room on the 13th floor. Such a beautiful place - take me anywhere with a beach.

Dedication of baby Jeremiah  on the 15th of June in Eshowe. Loved the small town and catching up with old friends. This cake was yummy.

 My first South African wedding  (5 July) it was different and I had a great time. Love you Tee, may your marriage be a happy and blessed one. Travelled to Harrismith another beautiful town. Sad I didnt get the chance to see much of it.

On 20 July went to the famous Maboneng Precinct.  After a coffee making session (from roasting the coffee beans, grinding them, brewing the coffee and drinking it) at an Ethopian Resturant we walked around and couldn't go without stopping by the Before I Die Wall were people get to write things they want to do before they die. Was fascinated by some of the things on people's bucket lists. For instance;
  • To kiss Trey Songz (really!!!!).
  • To love someone fully (sweet)
  • To be happy
  • To go to America (would love to as well lol!)
Am looking forward to going back to Maboneng, I feel I have some unfinished business there - I want to go watch a movie at The Biscope amongst other things.

More recent updates to follow soon.

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