Sunday, 28 September 2014

Here I go Again

If this blog could talk I am sure it would have complained and asked why it was no longer loved anymore. It has crossed my mind not once, not twice but many many times that I should start blogging again but ….aaahn (sigh), I just never got around to it. Then a few days ago, I ‘happened’ to find myself going through my old posts.  As read I felt glad and appreciative for the history and memories that I captured when I was an active blogger. I can always look back and remember what I was feeling and what was happening in my life at certain times in my life, this makes my blog all the more special. Maybe one day even my husband and children can even read and hopefully become part of this space with more memories being captured.
I want to resurrect this blog, I really do. It will not be easy that much I know, already I am thinking of reasons why I will not have time to blog but I am going to give it my best anyway. So here goes…

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