Thursday, 10 October 2013


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On my way to work this morning I saw something that touched me. I saw a man who has a stall in one of the streets I usually pass through, praying holding his stall, thanking God for the new day and asking Him to be with him and bless the work of his hands. This man was oblivious to anyone or anything that was happening around him. Unashamed – that’s the word which popped into my mind. I admired the man for being unashamed of his faith and beliefs. It made me wonder how many of us would be unashamed to stand up tall and proud and profess our faith like that. I for one know that I would not be brave enough to stand in the streets and pray like that man was doing. A quiet prayer, yes that I would do, but not a vocal one like that man. Maybe one day, who knows?

On a sad note, I saw something which horrified me on my way from work yesterday. I saw a man in his car in the middle of a busy road struggling with another man who was pulling hard at something that he was holding. I think this man was being robbed -  in broad daylight! The worst part is that whilst this man who was being robbed was holding back all the traffic as he struggled with this man, no one, not even a single person (both motorists and pedestrians) attempted to help this poor man. The cars behind him were hooting for him to move and people in the cars going in the opposite direction (the direction I was going) were just shouting out silly things as if the situation was funny. The driver of the bus I was in shouted some stupid remark and laughed. What is this world coming to? How can people even make jokes about a situation which is not even funny? People have stopped caring and that is scary. I am beginning to think that people are now so used to crime such that they have become indifferent.  I will not be surprised if people say things like ‘Oh it’s just another stabbing’ or ‘Ah another robbery what a shame’. It seems crime is being normalised and this is very concerning. The fact that Joburg is one of the worst cities in terms of crimes is no excuse – instead of normalising crime we should be fighting it! God help us.

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  1. It's sad indeed that crime is an everyday thing in this lovely nation of ours. Unfortunately, trying to help someone being robbed and trying to be a hero in such circumstances might cause more harm than good. The perpetrators will feel threatened and if they are armed, they would obviously use their weapons. I do not condone the hooting and yelling of other motorists but I'm sure they had no idea there was a robbery in progress. Just my two cents on this...thanks for the post


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