Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Seafood Paella


The Pastor's wife of my church way back promised to invite me over for dinner when she made a seafood paella. I was looking forward to that day. It finally came. Although I have had various seafood like prawns, shrimsp I have never had a seafood paella. I was delicious -  those muscles, clams, white fish etc (my mouth is watering). I am looking forward to another invitation already. Yummy!

The journey of working on my cooking skills continues. I am trying to eat more veggies. I have no problems with fruits but I struggle a little with vegetables. I love spinach though.

The local firemen where in town  for some kind of show. They were giving children a tour of the fire engine, letting them sit inside wearing a fireman cap and all. I concluded I was too old for such things and hence settled for a picture instead.

I have seen this picture several times in different houses. I can see why it is so popular. The artist captured the moment beautifully. Look at those servants hanging onto the umbrellas and those two dancing as if nothing else exists except just the two of them.

This cushion is just so gorgeous. I would have cushions like this in my house. For future reference I should ask where my friend bought this cushion. I just so love it.

Stieg Larsson was a Swedish writer who died before his trilogy novels (here I pictured only 2 of them) were published and they have become a success. Unfortunately he is not alive to see it. These books kept me awake many hours because I wanted to find out what happened next - so much suspense and well interwoven books. They have been made into movies but I haven't seen them yet.

I love this verse. God is just so wonderful.

What??? I had no idea that there were loo awards. It seems like we now have awards for almost anything these days.

I was stunned when this sight met my eyes. I thought it was a drunk person who had fallen asleep in a bin. Alas it was only someone playing a prank. I bet I am not the only one who first thought that was a real person.

Met up for some lunch with a friend and this is part of what happened. At some point we were taking pictures of our hands. I enjoy it when I am with friends and we have silly fun.

What do you think of this kettle? Don't you think it is unique and cute. I like it.

On this particular Saturday morning I had the rare opportunity to sun bask and doze whilst sitting in this wonderful chair. It felt so good to just sit and do nothing.

The Pastor talked about the importance of touch and how the enemy has corrupted it and yet it can be a good thing - a simple hug or handshake can make someone's day. He showed us the  video below. It was a so touching.

This picture got my attention. I asked about it and the owner told me that it is a picture of Hannah praying in the temple to God for a child. This picture expressed so well how I am feeling. It is beautiful yet so sad.

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  1. I want to ride in that truck too!! Those books are that interesting? I wouldn't mind viewing them oh

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