Monday, 25 July 2011

Preparing for Rain.


This picture reminded me of the mortar and pestle. It brought back those memories of when we used to visit our grandparents at our rural home. I loved watching my grandmother crushing groundnuts with them when she was making peanut butter. I remember sometimes helping out too but not for long because my hands would start hurting and I would give up :) Ha that is different from laziness right?

I have watched Facing the Giants many many times but I cannot still get enough of it. On this particular Wednesday our home group watched the movie. Of course I could not resist - hello there was popcorn and other snacks.

This picture does not do justice to the color of that car. I had to stop and take a picture because this is one of the pinkest cars I have ever seen. I cannot say I liked pink on this car - it looked rather weird but in a way fascinating.

Another house event. My house mates often arrange activities and nights out. So far I have not managed to attend a single one because each time I always have something else planned. But from the noise I heard on their return I guess they had a fun night out.

To be loved is a wonderful thing. When I saw this I just had to take a picture.

Isn't it wonderful when someone goes into their garden and picks a rose especially for you? That is what happened to me. A friend picked this rose for me from their garden - isn't that sweet ? It was the highlight of my day.

I have read a number of book by Nicholas Sparks and most of them have a sad ending. I do not like books with sad endingS because I think life has enough sad things and I read books partly as a get way. I was hesitant to read this book but in the end decided to brave it, of course it was quite sad but at least the woman did not die. It had a happy ending. What a surprise!

What a sight! Are those clothes hanging on a line out side? It is lovely to be able to hang clothes outside again. At least the heaters and drying racks can rest for a while.

On this day our church home group decided to go for a pub quiz. It was my first one and most of the questions that were asked I had no clue to the answers. Thank God for team mates.

This saying got me thinking. What would life be like if everything and everyone was perfect?  Would life be more interesting then or probably it would be boring and routine. I wonder.

At the Grain Marketing Board Offices in my country there is a sculpture almost like this one. This one probably symbolizes  sweet corn but in my country it symbolizes maize because that is what we mainly grow.

This is St Mary's Cathedral in the town where I live. I have been in there only once and I thought it was beautiful. I love old church buildings, they are loaded with so much history.

Sunday at church and I was on the Setup Team. This was the chaos in the kitchen as we prepared the teas, coffees and snacks for before and after the service and oh yes that 5 minute break between the service.

Inspired by Coach Taylor from Facing the Giants who when someone in the movie asked him what he was doing after he had made a crazy sounding decision. He answered passionately ' I am preparing for rain'. God sends the rain (blessings) when He is ready but we have to be prepared to receive always otherwise we will miss out.


  1. Yay Shona is back!!! *dancing* Loving this series as usual. That car is pink?! Yikes!! And awww at your yellow rose

    Muse Origins (Creative Nigerian Features)
    Muse Origins

  2. Nice... Love the clothes hanging outside. I can't wait for summer in NZ again, seriously.

    I am preparing for rain too. I need to clear my field and trust God.

    Loling at the pink car that turned white cos of ur camera. haa

    - LDP

  3. It feels good to be back! Thanks Adiya.

    I am sure the summer in NZ is way better than the one in England. We have funny weather this side, but so far we have had many lovely days. Thanks LDP!


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