Friday, 29 July 2011



Maybe I am spending too much time in coffee shops having lattes but I just love meeting up with friends and chatting about nothing  and everything. Thank you God for giving me patient and loving friends.

Captain Jack. This was another church home group event. This time we had a games night with the children who usually are not attendees. I played this pirate game of the popping Captain Jack who pooped out if one put a sword in a wrong hole. He got me most times - he had me jumping each time he popped out.

This is me all packed and ready to go for church camp in West Sussex. It was my first time real camping without the cheating of staying in a cabin like I did the last time :)

They say that camping is not complete without a blazing fire - well we had one. It drizzled and rained quite a lot but amazingly this fire didn't go out.

Another view of the campsite. I had gone for a walk in the near by forest and I was just ascending down to the camp site when I took this picture.

Taking down the tents already? The days went by so fast and already it was time to go back home. I am looking forward to my next camping trip.

Well said. God can do anything, anytime and nothing is beyond Him. This is one of the things I have to constantly remind myself because I seem to easily forget.

This sign always makes me feel a bit guilty. I would really love to cook more but I still can't seem to get around to doing so. I blame you you quick and easy ready meals.

Another remainder that God is God. Lord help me to be still and wait patiently for your salvation on my behalf.  The truth is I need you and can't do it alone.

I discovered this delicious syrup by mistake whilst shopping and a friend urged me to try it with lemonade. I love it and have been buying it constantly. Although it is non-alcoholic one still needs to be over 18 to buy it . ?????

This is a toy for Monkey's (see her below) entertainment but it ended up entertaining me. I spend quite a while pressing the button and watching the butterfly flapping its wings.

Introducing Monkey again. I posted a picture of her in one of my previous posts. I cat and house sat again  for a friend and I took this picture on the last day as I said good bye. Cheeky little Monkey

A group of us sitting in a garden on a nice sunny day cooling ourselves in a small pool and catching up.

God made us black, white,red, yellow and He loves us all. These dolls are at the pre-school where my friend teaches.

'The Children of Hedge End Road' flashed through my mind when I saw this street name. Wouldn't that be a nice name for a children's book. Anything is possible.

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  1. Oooh i love camps! I've only been to two- and we had accommodation so don't know if that counts lol

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